6 Backyard Pool Party Ideas for this summer!!

Have a pool in your backyard, it’s time to have the coolest pool party in town.

Here are some of the coolest pool party ideas for you this summer, check them out and utilize your pool fibreglass pool to its full potential.

1.Blow up the Ball

Invite everyone using cool and pretty beach balls as your party invitations. You can send them deflated balls with instructions to blow them up and discover what the actual plan is. It’s sure to grab their attention and make them excited for this hip pool party you’re going to have.

2.Hunt for treasure

Hosting a pool party is an endless and tiresome task of handling kids until after the sun is down, why not be pro active and add glow sticks to the bottom of the pool.Not only will it look good, kids will enjoy diving after the hidden glowy treasures in the pool.

3. Beware of sharks!

Kids are growing increasingly gruesome these days and rather than being horrified of scary jaws of sharks they actually look forward to such parties. Gone are the days when girls wanted mermaids, it’s time for shark fins gummy treats and bloody props.

4.DESSERTS for summers

A pool party that has everything that calls summer is the perfect idea for an unforgettable backyard pool party. From sunglasses to popsicles, ice cream vendors along the poolside, you can create a whole beach.

5.Cool Pool Party logos

Using logos and slogans on the invitations and decorations will give the party an organised feel and look. You can create logos in the shape of a drop or palm tress or whichever to resonate with your idea of a fun summer.Your guests will appreciate your efforts and it could definitely turn into a yearly tradition.


Pool Decorations

Don’t forget to be creative with your poolside decorations, use balloons, garlands, string lights, and everything else that screams summers and fun times.
Good luck with your party and if you want, you can order online for these cool equipments on our site Bathroom Warehouse.

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