Adorn your pool area with these cool ideas!

A well adorned backyard in summers is one of the most wonderful getaways you can get. A poolside with a beautiful patio is the best place to kick back and relax after a few laps in the pool. There’s a sense of soothing tranquility when your pool is surrounded with complete set of chaise loungers, end tables, artifacts and much more giving it a wholly look.

Cypress and Cedar are the popular choices for pool furnishings. These two materials are durable and attractive, their colors fashionable for years to come.

Providing for shade

Umbrellas and awnings look beautiful while providing shade so pick one that suits your pool’s decorum and vibe. Patio umbrellas range from a standard size of 7’5 feet to a whopping 13 feet, which can be customized. Factors like durability, protection from UV rays, fabric quality, price etc should be considered before making the final decision. You have to take proper care of your purchase if you want it to last longer, like cleaning and protecting it from elements. Warranties on umbrellas and awnings vary slightly but awnings have mostly a longer period of warranty.

Decorate and define your outdoor space

You don’t have to wring your pockets dry to give a refreshing look to your backyard. Just a few alterations here and there go a long way in transforming your backyard. From lamps, wall hangings, throws, cushions, curtains, rugs and whatnot; every object that used to adorn your living space is now available for outdoor decor space as well.

Light up

Using lighting that are attractive and elegant in design can uplift the look of your pool area. Various options for lighting are spotlights, uplifts, downlights, path lighting, string lights, lanterns, LEDs and obviously traditional lamps.


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