Be Safe with your swimming: Tips to Follow!!

A cool and refreshing swim is one of the most attractive points of having a crisp summer and a backyard fibreglass pool, but none of that matters if you’re not being alert for safety of your kids.

Here’s a few things you should look out for when installing a pool in your backyard.

Get a pool fence

Install a fence around your pool to keep children and pets away from the pool. It will act as a barrier and keep them out when you’re not there to supervise them.The doors should open outward, away from the swimming pool and should be self-latching.

In case you have an aboveground pool you should surround the steps or ladder to the pool with a fence.

Install an alarm system

If your kid is a little more of a troublemaker and you feel the need to add an extra layer of protection to keep an eye out on them,install alarms that alert you when the door to the fence is opened. You can also invest in underwater swimming pool alarm systems which have motion sensors and detect splashes and wave activities in the pool.

Get rid of the Diving board

Even if you are an exceptional diver, you could easily slip off and hit your head so it’s better to be safe than sorry and hold back on hazardous habits.

Keep safety equipment

Equipments like a life ring, rescue tube or life hook (also called a shepherd’s hook) should be kept at all times so that you can use to pull someone from the water to safety. These rescue equipments should be stored near the pool in a clearly marked and accessible area, and periodically checked to make sure they’re in good condition. Also keep a first aid kit handy that’s stocked with all essentials.

Inspection is necessary!!

Slipping hazards are avoidable if you keep inspecting your pool area for floats, toys and tubes from time to time.

CPR knowledge is a must

Every adult should learn CPR, yes there are online courses available but it’s a life saving procedure that should be learnt in person.

Teach kids swimming

Swimming is an important life skill, it does not makes you drown proof but provides you enough calm of knowing that kids are safe in the water.


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