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Fibreglass pools are better than concrete or vinyl, why so??.. Here’s the answer,read up on the following to know more about the greatness that is Fibreglass Pool.

1.Easy to Maintain

One thing that every company engaged in the swimming pool industry agrees on is how low maintenance fibreglass pools are as compared to other options out there. You don’t have to spend hours on keeping it pristine and clean as you have to do in other cases like scrubbing down on the concrete.

2.Comfortable to swim or play in.

Water sports,one of the most fun part of having your own pool. But what if every time you or your kids played they suffered from scrapes or bloody toes. Not a pleasant scene to watch, right!!
Well Fibreglass pools are smooth and don’t allow algae growth as they have a crevices free surface.

3.Get rid of the pain that is Liner Replacement or Acid Washing.

Vinyl Inground Pools need to have their liners replaced every seven to ten years, this number could be decreased drastically in worst of scenarios.

Concrete Pools are a whole another story, they need to be acid washed every few years and have to be resurfaced in almost every 15 years which is again very burdensome on your budget.

All of these problems are no issues if you have fibreglass pool.

4.Fibreglass is an old friend to Salt chlorine Generators.

Swimming industry is a huge fan of Salt but there’s a slight problem with this very low maintenance device it corrodes the concrete or metal surfaces. That is why many concrete swimming pool builders frown upon the usage of salt chlorine generators in pool as they are bound to corrode the smooth plaster finish sooner than normal.

5. Easy to Install

Vinyl Liner Pool need a certain temperature to install smoothly without any wrinkles. Concrete needs a shiny sunny day with no clouds in sight but of course those things are out of human control.

Fibreglass tends to withstand such hard play of luck and is installed as easily as breeze.

Now that you have read up on everything there is to know about Fibreglass pools, the only thing left to do is giving us a call right away!!