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One of the most hardest choices you’ve to make after deciding that you want a pool is what exactly do you want and need in your swimming pool?

It isn’t a choice you want to make on a whim so here’s our approach on the matter:

What should you get depends on the various factors that we’ll be discussing later, these factors are namely budget, space and the type of family you have.

There’s no guaranteed way of finding out what’s best for you but there are a few guidelines that could help you make your mind though.

A big family needs a large pool

If you’re a couple with kids then you obviously want a pool that is versatile and huge. So that it can easily accommodate fighting kids and annoyed parents both with ease. 16′ × 32′ is the classic size you should go for. Rectangular, kidney shaped, oval are all fine shapes fir this pool.

The only problem is money but if that’s what you need then maybe going a little over the budget won’t hurt that much.

But always remember to prioritize safety over pleasure. Keep aside a part of the budget for safety measures for old and children like pool alarm and interior fence. Size of the pool is something you can compromise with but not your loved one’s safety.

A pool for two

Couples with no responsibility of kids can have a lot of space to play around with when it comes to swimming pools. Why waste your money on a large pool when you can have a smaller pool with fancy additions without going over the budget. It’s logical to cut down on the size and play up on the features, decorations and entertainment value.

A poolside bar, or a outdoor kitchen can add so much to your pool experience nevertheless it’s small size.

The Right material

One of the best material for pools is fibreglass for the obvious reasons of it being low maintenance, quick to install, durable and reliable.

If you’re one of those people who’re not confined by any of the above worldly restrictions then go ahead, your imagination is the limit here.

Your ability to afford and dream can transform anything you want in pool to reality.