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Deciding on the shape of your pool can be more difficult than you would imagine. You have to factor in a host of elements like the amount of space you have, how you want your pool to look, the features you want incorporated and, of course, the budget. That being said, there are many layouts you could choose from when it comes to a pool design that is the perfect fit for your home.


Rectangular Pools — The most popular shape for inground pools

Rectangular pools are the most popular design for inground pools for a number of obvious reasons. Their simple shape and minimal obstructions makes them ideal for entertaining with kids or swimming laps for some exercise while you escape the heat.

This classic design typically gives you the most usable space but it also comes with a few other advantages too.


Lower manufacturing cost

Whether it’s a fibreglass pool or a some other material, the relative simplicity of the design often makes for fewer materials and a less labor intensive process.

Of course, when the cost to manufacture is lower, so is the final price for you.


Lower installation cost

Rectangular pools are easier and cheaper to install, fibreglass or otherwise. The fact these can typically be installed faster than pools with other shapes also brings down both the installation time and the cost involved.


Compatible with most yards

The classic rectangular pool shape owes its popularity to a very practical reason-the fact that it can fit nicely into virtually any yard, often parallel with your rectangular house.

That means less wasted space around the pool and a nice aesthetic to go with it.


Ease of access

Since rectangular pool designs are the most common, this gives you the greatest range of design choice.

While a rectangular shaped pool is undoubtedly the most popular design, it does not necessarily mean that it is the perfect one for your yard. When it comes to choosing the ideal shape, there’s no one size fits all rule. Everything from the size of your pool to how big your yard is and how you want the pool to be landscaped have a bearing on your decision.


The Five Most Common Pool Shapes for Modern Installation

When it comes to pool shapes, there’s an extensive range of designs to choose from. Let’s look at five of the most popular ones.


Rectangular Pool

As we’ve already covered, this is the most popular and typically most cost effective choice. It brings a host of benefits for most yards.


Circular Pool

Circular pools are more suited to an easy and relaxing recreational swim. It’s great for simply lounging around and cooling off with friends.

Depending on the shape of your yard, they can often be installed with a minimal footprint as they’re typically a smaller volume than other designs.


Freeform Pools

A freeform pool is quite different from a traditional rectangular one as it can have an irregularly shaped design with curves and flowing lines.

Given that they’re a custom design, you’re typically limited to using concrete and can expect a much higher price. That said, if price is not a concern, they offer the most flexibility by far.


L Shaped Pools

Depending on the size and shape of your pool’s location, an L shape can give your pool a more unique look and expand volume without drastically increasing its footprint

If you’re thinking about adding a spa, they also tend to work well with one being placed in the corner of that L.


Roman Pools

Roman pools are inspired by villas of ancient Rome and comprise two long straight edges abutted by arches at either end. Another typical feature is the steps at both the semicircular ends of the pool. This is a timeless classic shape that adds elegance to your yard and are a welcome change from the classic rectangle.


Frequently Asked Pool Shape Questions


What are the different shapes of pools?

There are so many different pool shapes available on the market. The most popular ones you’ll come across are:

  • rectangular
  • circular
  • freeform
  • L shaped
  • Roman


What shape of inground pool is best?

Generally, rectangular pools are the best choice for most people. That said, it depends on your personal preference, yard and intended use. Whether you plan to swim laps, entertain children or adults, these can all have an impact on the ideal design.


What is the most popular shape pool?

The most popular pool shape is rectangular. As we’ve outlined above, there are so many advantages to this pool shape which explains why it’s the most common one available today.