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Now that your fibreglass pool is installed and ready it’s time to consider about making a few additions that will make your pool area a cool and vibrant space to hang out in. You don’t have to spend a ludicrous amount for getting that perfect outdoor space.

1. Hammock

Hammocks are really cool and comfy when it comes to pool additions ,You can keep a throw blanket and a pillow to add comfort. Fabric and colors should be decided on the basis of factors like durability, comfort and appearance.

2. Potted Plants

From colorful flowers to creepers in hanging pots, you can never go wrong with a little greenery around your brand new fibreglass pool.

Your pool space will definitely provide a calm and serene feel if there’s a little greenery with the blue.

3. Outdoor Rug

An outdoor rug that not only suits your outdoor space but also makes a bold statement. It could be something bohemian or artsy, something eye-catchy but fun.

4. String Lights

Want some magic for your nights at pool, some romantic getaway like feeling.. the answer is string lights strewn above your pool or just nearby it.Pick out of a thousands of options and style your pool space.

5. Storage Table

Playing multi purpose roles for storing your pool items and acting as a table for placing trays, drinks on the top.