Considering a Water Feature for Your Pool?

Adding water features in pools is a popular way to spice up the swimming experience. The entire pool in your backyard can turn into a personal water park for you and your family with the right water feature. It is tempting to shell out money for such an add-on, but is it worth it? Here are some reasons it is so:

  • It is fun. Playing with cascading water is entertaining for the small kids, especially if you go beyond just having a waterfall or a fountain in your pool. Bubblers, spillways, water slides, and deck jets are among the favorite water features of many young swimmers.

  • It produces a relaxing sound. Hearing water splashing gently on a body of water is very meditative. Even if you don’t take a plunge, just sitting on a lounge chair with your eyes closed is enough to make your day. Water features can make you forget about how stressful your day has been. Listening to water sounds affects your mood in a good way all day.

  • It is pleasing to the eye. Water features make your pool a lot more attractive. A water feature makes your pool the centerpiece of your backyard. It also raises the value of your property, if ever you plan on selling it.

Before you call your pool builder about installing a water feature, here are some things you must consider first:

  • Know who will use the pool. If kids are the main users of the pool, then the water features should be fun and safe. Water slides and water jets are a great way of keeping the kids busy during their summer vacation or even on homework-free weekends. It is a way to have your kids socialize more by inviting more kids over for a pool party.

  • Consider the size and style of the pool. It is best to have a professional pool contractor to assess if your pool and deck can accommodate water features such as a waterfall or a slide. Once the contractor sees your pool area, he or she could select the right water feature for it.

  • Determine the right position. It is always best to have water features face the deck or the patio. This way, you could monitor the activities of the swimmers, especially if they are kids.

  • Know the safety pointers for pool slides. A pool slide is a popular water feature. Check with the local safety regulations and codes before having a slide installed.

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