DIY Inground Pool Installation Inclusions

DIY Inground Pool Installation Inclusions

Standard DIY

Standard DIY is great for home handymen and tradesmen who want to do all the work without any assistance from us.

Anyone with handy skills can install an inground pool, and we provide some basic needs plus a list of tools and materials.

*Savings are based on a 7m Entertainer fully installed pool, (see fully installed pricing and associated conditions), deducting the costs of labour, (now being taken up by the DIY concept), and all other necessary costs similar to those achievable in South East Queensland. Costs for some areas in Australia may vary. Note: Savings will vary depending on pool size. Smaller pools will derive a smaller saving, while larger pools will have a larger saving.

Save $5000 – $8000*

What do I get

What do I get with a fibreglass pool kit?

  • Pool Shell and filtration including:
    • 1 Pool Shell (8 shapes and colours available)
    • 1 Skimmer Box
    • 1 Vacuum Plate
    • 2 Pool Returns
    • 1 Hydrostatic Valve
    • 1 Davey 1HP Typhoon Pump
    • 1 Davey Crystal Clear Filter
    • 1 Davey Eco Salt Self Cleaning Chlorinator
    • 1 Davey Handover Kit
    • Any options you have purchased
  • A dig and screed plan.
  • An engineering drawing for council approval.
  • A sample of a drawn council plan so you can create your own council application.
  • A list of tools you will need.
  • An advice sheet on Do’s and Don’ts.
  • Basic tips for the job ahead, including some photos.
  • A list of supplies you will need to purchase, including the pavers.