Entertainer Pool Series

Entertainer Pool Series

Entertainer Fibreglass Pool

Create your own backyard sanctuary and relax on warm summer nights with this indulgent design. With a full beach style entry area which is great for the “littlies”and everyone else who enjoys the cooling effect of lounging in cool shallow water especially with waterproof Bean bags.

With numerous other features like an extended bench down one full side,a safety ledge around two sides as well as a deep end entry and exit steps.

Our pools are available in a number of sizes as shown below.


Bedarra Fibreglass Pool
Bedarra Fibreglass Pool Diagram


Hayman Fibreglass Pool
Hayman Fibreglass Pool Diagram


Don't pay $1000's more from others...... A MINERAL POOL IS STANDARD FOR US

We can guarantee your install date for May then June.... OTHERS MAY NOT BE ABLE TO.