Fibreglass Inground Swimming Pool Installations

Fibreglass Inground Swimming Pool Installations

Fibreglass Inground Pool Supply and Installation

Fibreglass Inground Swimming Pool Installation

“My Fibreglass Pool … EASY” TM will install your fibreglass lap pool, plunge pool or swimming pool with the following “EASY” steps.

Inground pool installation will include:

  • Delivery of your pool shell, pool filtration equipment, your selected options and inground pool accessories, appropriate chemicals, and 400mm wide Edenstone Pavers (or equivalent).
  • Swimming pool installation will be completed by a proven Licensed Fibreglass Swimming Pool Installer to the AS1839 Standard. This includes engineered subsurface pool drainage and cement for pool backfilling and stabilisation.
  • Building of an Engineer Designed Concrete Beam ( a structural collar around the pool), and laying of the supplied pool pavers will be carried out by a proven Licensed Contractor.
  • A personal pool handover.

Our EASE OF MIND approach assures your inground pool installation is efficient and EASY …

  • You get VERY COMPETITIVE PRICING from our low overheads and efficient procedures. Saving your money!
  • Our selected Inground Pool Contractors have experience with installing hundreds of inground pools over many years, and you receive the best possible inground pool installation.
  • Contractors actually care! We choose only Licensed Contractors who show proper care in their work. A job done well means a professional finish and lasting durability.
  • Troubleshooting during testing and after sales service items are handled with immediate and full attention to detail.
  • Our pricing estimates and estimated allowances are genuine and proven over time and experience.
  • Everyone you deal with will be transparent.

Phone now for your Fibreglass Inground Pool Installation: Tel 1300 30 60 11.

*Note: Inground pool installation estimates are provided by Licensed Inground Swimming Pool Installers. The final quote is derived after a site appraisal by the contracted Licensed Inground Swimming Pool Installer.