Smalll Fibreglass Pool

Pools For Small Yards

If you have a very small yard, but you know you need a pool, then a plunge pool is the only way to go. Having a plunge pool in your premises is a great way to unwind or even heal, especially after a hard day or week at work. Read on and know more about […]

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Automatic Fibreglass Pool Cover

Features Of Automatic Safety Covers

Your very own fibreglass pool is an investment. It is a great venue for cooling down, parties, or barbecues, but how do you protect it? Have you ever stopped to think that if you protect your pool effectively enough, you end up protecting your household as well? An automatic safety cover effectively creates a thick, […]

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Pool Surface Skimmer

Essentials Of A Pool Skimmer

Wouldn’t it be great if you have an in-house pool cleaner working whenever necessary? That is exactly what a pool skimmer does. It helps skim the surface of the water. As it does, it catches debris such as dead insects, leaves, petals, oil, and twigs before they reach the bottom of the pool. For In-ground […]

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Water Therapy In Fibreglass Pool

Different Types Of Aquatic Therapy Exercises

Aquatic therapy provides a low-impact and safe environment for patients who cannot perform regular land-based exercises. Below are some of the known water therapy exercises offered by various practitioners: Ai Chi. Created by Jun Konno in 1993, Ai Chi is a combination of Qigong and Tai chi chuan to strengthen and relax the body. In […]

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Cold Water Swimming

How Cold Water Swimming Can Benefit Your Health

Have you ever seen people jumping into freezing water in a lake, a pond, or a pool? The swimmers tend to shriek the moment their bodies touch the water. Experts believe that immersing yourself in very cold water wakes up your body in so many ways. It invigorates you, almost making you feel like a […]

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Fibreglass Plugin Pool Athletes Recovery

How Plunge Pools Help Athletes Recover

As you know, athletes go through a lot of physical challenges. They usually get injured. Part of their recovery treatment is spending time in plunge pools. Plunge pools can be either hot or cold. They are efficient in putting players back in the game to win. How the body gets hurt during intense excercise. When […]

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Fibreglass Plunge Pool Health

Using Contrast Therapy With Plunge Pools

There are times when the hot water plunge pool and the cold-water plunge pool are used after working out. This is a technique known as contrast therapy. During contrast therapy, blood vessels expand (because of hot water), and muscle fibers constrict (because of cold water). When you move from a cold-water plunge pool to a […]

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Landscaping Around Fibreglass Pool

Landscaping Around Your Fibreglass Pool

When you place your fibreglass pool, it’s only natural to want to make it look as good as it can look. That typically means that you’re going to add some landscaping to the area. Choosing the right look and feel so far as plant life and decorative stone and art will enhance the look of […]

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Warm Water Fibreglass Pool

Heated Fibreglass Pool Benefits

At an ideal temperature range of 33 and 36 degrees, warm water therapy can help many patients with musculoskeletal conditions and deficiencies. You can have a warm water pool for this purpose, right in your own backyard. Just find a reputable fiberglass pool installer and discuss your needs with them. Below are some of the […]

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