Led VS Conventional Incandescent Pool Lighting

For decades, traditional or incandescent pool lighting has always been a must-have for pool owners. Yet, when LED lighting technology broke through the market, things changed.

Comparison between the two pool lighting systems have been made and as a result, incandescent-lit pools became LED-lit ones.

Below are some of the benefits LED pool lighting has over incandescent lighting:

  • Environment-friendly. LED light bulbs do not contain toxic materials. They are also completely recyclable. These bulbs also aid in the reduction of your carbon footprint by 1/3. Because LED lights have very long operation hours, more effort and material are saved. Using this to light your pool is a large way to support the environment’s health.

  • Efficient in energy use. Incandescent light bulbs are known to use 20% energy, but 80% of consumed electricity is lost in the form of heat. This doesn’t happen with LED bulbs. You can be sure that all the energy LED light bulbs consume is used to light the area and not to heat it.

  • Lasts a lot longer. LED lighting has 50,000 hours of life. An LED bulb does not stop working or burn out like an incandescent bulb. Over time, the lighting diodes just give off less output levels and gradually decrease in lighting strength.

  • Durable. LED lights are resistant to impact, shock, and vibrations. They are ideal for outdoor lighting since they can endure exposure to elements and rough conditions.

  • Flexible when it comes to design. LED lights can bend to any lighting need. They can stay bright or dimmed by the one who has the control. The amazing effects LED lights provide, provide a more fulfilling swimming experience. As you take a swim, your mind and mood improve significantly.

  • Doesn’t emit UV rays. LED light bulbs produce extremely little to almost no ultraviolet radiation. It is ideal to use on and around materials that are sensitive to heat.

  • Delivers more light. Unlike incandescent lighting, LED light bulbs illuminate a space more efficiently. It can brighten up a space completely without using any reflector at all.

  • Can operate in hot or cold temperatures. LED light bulbs can function effectively in settings with hot and cold temperature. Unlike other traditional bulbs, LEDs do not fluctuate when used in cold weather or even freezer rooms.

  • Delivers instant brightness even with frequent switching. Traditional light bulbs usually fluctuate or delay when switched on and off frequently. LED lights do not. They brighten up the space instantly, no matter how many times they have been switched on and off.

Are you tired of expensive lighting bills for your pool while swimming under twitching lights? Perhaps it is time to change your lighting system to LED. This way, you can be sure to have an enjoyable, economical, environment-friendly, and safe swim session every night.

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