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My Fibreglass Pool … EASY specialises in supplying DIY Inground Fibreglass Pool Kits for the home handyman, builders, and professional pool builders. Decades of inground fibreglass pool experience contributed to us deciding to specialise in pool kits. We could see the simplicity in fibreglass pool installation and could also foresee the possibility for every household to own an inground swimming pool at the lowest price.

As a certified Factory Direct Masterbuilt Pools Master Dealer, we are qualified to assist with installation by providing advice and complete instructions suited to the Masterbuilt Pools 25 year structural warranty. Qualified pool builders can be engaged if you prefer.

You will see for yourself how easy it is to install a DIY Inground Fibreglass Pool by perusing our website, if you need any assistance, please phone us at 1300 30 60 11.

Mackay is the sweetest place to live in Queensland. Several beaches are close by so spending time outdoors is easy on the weekends and holidays during the hot summers. Packing up for a few hours at the beach isn’t practical during the week though. So having a swimming pool in your back yard would make Mackay an even sweeter place to live and let you spend more time outside in your own back yard oasis.

You may be hesitant about having a pool installed because it is expensive and difficult to do. The difficulty of putting in a pool may be your biggest reason for not having done it yet. Just finding the right installers who would use the right materials seems like a tremendous chore. Choosing to install a fibreglass swimming pool does help make it easier but choosing the right company to buy it from helps even more. MFP Easy is here to help you get the pool you want whether you want it installed by our top quality installers or you want to do a DIY installation.

We have fibreglass pool options that will easily make your home’s back yard your personal oasis. A few years ago, your own pool may have been something you couldn’t squeeze into your budget but prices have relatively come down since then. Now is the time to have an inground fibreglass pool installed since even those with a moderate budget can now fit the cost in. You will be able to come in from a rough day, change into your swimsuit and let the day’s cares drift away as you relax in your own pool.

A swim and a barbeque at the beach is nice but it is not something you can do easily on the spur of the moment. With a pool in your back yard, spontaneity is in full swing for family barbeques or having friends in for a day or evening of swimming and food. If you have young children, you can teach them to swim and water self rescue techniques that will help them be safer and give them confidence in the water.

Call us at MFP Easy today and discover what is possible for you. You will find that having your own fibreglass pool is within your budget and not nearly as difficult to install as you thought. Ask other Mackay residents who they rely on for the best quality fibreglass pools around and they will tell you MFP Easy. The sooner you call, the sooner you will be relaxing in the cool waters of your own pool.

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