…Our reviews are REAL!

The way we approached this was to formulate a number of questions to draw out our customers’ true feelings and thoughts on the process of building their pool.  During our phone conversation, we asked our customers to assess us based on: Communication; Involvement; Installation process; and the End Result.

Each review was then emailed back to the customer for their approval to publish.

The results are as follows:

Exceeded our expectations!

The entire progression was well defined and clearly explained to us.  We really appreciated this and how easy it was to get in touch with a MFPE guy when we needed to.  At first, we had our own ideas and thoughts and even though Warren listened to us well, there were certain things he said we couldn’t do.  Initially we tried to convince him our way, but now that the project has been completed, we can really see why he made the recommendations he did.  They are 100% correct.  We really liked the breakdown of all the costs too.  Each component was costed out separately and so we had complete control over the cost of the project.  We could see where it was blowing out or where we could save, according to our needs.  We felt pretty confident when the install started.  The boys reassured us that they did this pretty often so we didn’t feel too worried.  In the end, it all went really well and we didn’t have any troubles.  Our place was kept really tidy.  The 3D team coming to our place was a really great idea.  The range is good, maybe not as wide as if you did the searching yourself, but less choices keeps it simple too and less confusing.  Our pool has been installed in a really difficult spot.  When we first asked Warren to come and have a look we weren’t really sure that we would be able to have a pool as all the other companies we asked to come and quote us just kind of scratched their heads, but Warren was able to find us a solution that allows us a really nice view over a pool that is larger than we ever thought we could get in there.  In the end, we are really happy with the look of our pool.  No complaints at all. Communication 4/5 Involvement 5/5 Install Process 4/5 Overall Result 5/5 Installed: 11/08/2014.
Rochdale South, Qld

An easygoing, easy to understand experience!

We chose to use MFPE because of price and the methods they use.  The clear steps make it a really user friendly system!  I had no trouble understanding the technical terms as they were all explained to me and the team at MFPE was always at hand to get in contact with when I needed them.  The cost was not explained to me 100% accurately, so that was a bit disappointing, but in the end, I understood why the cost increased slightly. The team did exactly as we asked and the pool has ended up looking just as we thought it would.  They really got our vision and took it onboard which was great.  The install program was really easygoing.  There was hardly any leftover mess although we did experience one contractor leaving some mess around, but the MFPE guys came back and cleaned it up straight away. The fencing guy was great and it was really convenient to have the 3D pavers supply team come to me.  They had a great range to choose from and they were really friendly, but they are a bit pricey in my opinion.  The convenience is unbeatable though.  I loved the way the whole process was done in steps.  It really simplified it and made it easy. There were just no hassles or dramas with anything.  It was a really easy project.  Overall, we are totally satisfied.  Everything just looks perfect.  MFPE suggested a black fence over a cream one to get it to “disappear” and we are so glad we went with their suggestion.  They even pulled down a large tree and moved another tree for us and it survived! Communication 5/5 Involvement 5/5 Install Process 5/5 Overall Result 4.5/5 Installed: 21/04/2014. 
Esk, Qld

Whatever they said they were going to do, they did!

The great thing about working with MFPE was that whatever they said they were going to do, they did!  None of our questions seemed too hard, it was so easy to get answers and that made the whole thing so easy.  When Warren came to quote us, he had great suggestions and really took the initiative to help us achieve all that we wanted. We used a crane to get our pool in and at first I was nervous, but it was obvious that the Guys (who was supervising) and the crane driver knew exactly what they were doing and were completely in control of the situation. In the end, it was all fine!  It was very convenient to have the paver van come to our house. He had all the knowledge and all I had to do was show him a picture of what I wanted and he showed me the closest matching pavers in his van.  He had a few colour schemes to choose from in my style and a great range of others for me to choose from too. The fencing has also come up really well. It wasn’t always very easy to get hold of the fencing guy, but Warren always chased it up for me and we were in contact again really easily. Mike and the team made our place look so good.  They tidied up after themselves every day and kept the job nice and presentable. The tiler was a bit messy but Mike came and cleaned it up without question, which was really impressive. Ultimately, the whole thing from first phone call to the moment we could swim in it was just so easy.  Warren gave great advice and we really didn’t have to do any more than we wanted to. Communication 4/5 Involvement 4/5 Install Process 4/5 Overall Result 5/5 Installed:  31/03/2014. 
Petrie Qld

Loved the step-by-step payment system

It’s obvious from speaking with the team at MFPE that they know what they are doing.  We were totally confident in the process and the people.  We already had a good understanding of what we were doing before we even met with Warren, but he explained anything we didn’t already know.  It was great that we could always contact Warren when necessary.  Loved how we were given all of the information in writing on what was required when and what we would have to pay.  This transparency gave us a lot of confidence in the project.  Eg: when “x” happens, you pay this much to this person.  Everything was really well organised between trades and contractors and so our install happened really quickly.  We had a pool 10 days after moving in so we got a lot of use out of it over Summer! The job was relatively tidy, but could have been better.  The concreters were a bit messy but we just took this to the tip ourselves.  Nothing unexpected.  It was really convenient having the 3D paving supply team come to us.  Service from them was good and when we needed to order more pavers for an extra part of our yard, it was as simple as calling them up and ordering more.  We felt that the fencing quote was high, and we did not have confidence in some of the things the contractor told us, but we didn’t get another quote to compare so we will never know. When the pool fence was inspected the inspector commented on what a good job it was and he passed it on first inspection which he said was quite uncommon so that made us happy that we had stayed with this contractor.  We have recommended MFPE to quite a few people; great service, a good price and an easy process.  Our finished product: well, we love it, love it, love it.  Love the colours we chose, love the location, love it all! 10 out of 5! Communication 4/5 Involvement 5/5 Install Process 5/5 Overall Result 10/5!! Installed: 10/03/2014.
Daphne and Jack
Upper Caboolture, Qld

Above and Beyond!

We had researched quite a few different companies but chose to go with MFPE because of the price.  We loved the online system that allowed us to choose different sizes, colours and packages and then gave us a price for each combination.  Right through the project, they really listened to us.  They helped us choose a great design that suited our home perfectly and we really felt that they worked hard to achieve our vision, not just theirs!   Everything was organised with contractors, even council approvals which took the hassle out of it for us.  Then the 3D van with the paver options came to us!  They turned up on time, had a great range and made it so easy to choose.   All of this gave us a lot of confidence when it came to installation day.  They were on time and professional and went above and beyond to keep us informed.  We couldn’t be present for the install of our pool so they sent us progress photos to keep us up to date.  We had to access our neighbours yard to install, but everyone’s land was left in perfect condition, no damage to anyone’s property.  They were just fantastic.  We love our pool.  Absolutely love it!  It’s exactly what we hoped it would be. Communication 5/5 Involvement 5/5 Install Process 5/5 Overall Result 6/5 Installed: 03/03/2014.
Oxley, Qld

Very patient and helpful.

When I needed to contact Warren, he was always available.  MFPE listened to my opinions and then explained the technical things to me.  They were very patient and listened to what we wanted.  This was very good.  The install of my pool went exactly as the team had explained to me.  Before they started, I really was nervous, thinking that it was a really big job.  But when they started working I could see that they knew what they were doing and then I was relaxed.  The install went smoothly and easily. I supplied my own tiles and although they weren’t laid perfectly the first time, the contractor returned to fix the problem very quickly.  This was easy to organise through Warren.  Using MFPE was great and I am very happy with the look of our pool.  Now that it is all finished, we think it looks great.  Exactly as we hoped it would! Communication 4/5 Involvement 4.5/5 Install Process 4.5/5 Overall Result 4.5/5 Installed: 24/02/2014. 
Fitzgibbon, Qld

We are really impressed.

Our experience with MFPE was easy.  We found Warren to be great and it was really good how the team kept us updated at all stages.  For example, at the install before ours, they hit rock in the dig, causing a delay.  But they phoned us straight away and let us know and so we knew what was going on, not left wondering where they were.  It was no problem getting in touch with them when we needed to and they explained everything in detail at a level we could understand, which we thought was great. The team helped us decide exactly where to position our pool, but only after seeing our designs.  Their suggestions were useful and we could see the reasons why we should follow their advice.   We tried hard to work WITH the guys when it came time for install.  We were able to hire the bobcat for a few extra hours and use it ourselves to do a few other things on our property.  It was great to be able to take advantage of this and it saved us some money in the process.  We loved the 3D paver truck.  It was so convenient because as small business owners, time is just not something we have, so to have them come to us was such a great help.  Their price was really competitive and we liked the range.  We have even used them twice more since the install of our pool!  There was mess from the build, as expected, but they guys kept it all in one pile, so it was really easy for us to remove ourselves. We are very happy with the end result of our pool.  There were no problems along the way and it is much better than we imagined.  We are really impressed. Communication 5/5 Involvement 5/5 Install Process 5/5 Overall Result 5/5 Installed: 10/02/2014. 
Gatton, Qld

Paid for itself already…the kids love it!

We already had a pretty good idea of what we wanted but when we had the site visit, Warren was really good in telling us what worked and what didn’t, and he explained why a certain idea wouldn’t work.  No one ever tried to override what we wanted and they always stuck closely to our ideas.  We live a long long way from Brisbane so we had to do a lot over the phone and on email, but it all worked perfectly.  We chose our pavers online and they have turned out exactly as we expected.  Getting in touch with the team at MFPE was easy.  They always replied in good time and it was easy to understand what was happening. We used our own machinery to do the dig with supervision from Michael and the team.  It was quick and easy and the team was very particular, especially when laying the pool.  They lifted the pool out of the ground 5 different times to make sure it was 100% level.  This was really impressive, and I’m not sure that other contractors would have cared that much. The guys left our property in good condition and the whole thing was just a really easy process. The pool has turned out much better than we expected.  It has definitely paid for itself already with all the use we have gotten out of it and it just looks fantastic with the rest of our properly.  We love it and the kids love it. Communication 5/5 Involvement 5/5 Install Process 5/5 Overall Result 5/5 Installed: 20/01/2014.
Thallon, Qld

5 out of 5 across the board!

We chose MFPE for two reasons: 1. Because they really listened to us and helped us achieve what we wanted, not their own ideas. And, 2. Price.  Its just great value. MFPE was the only one who really heard us.  We had several quotes, but they all just went off on their own tangents telling us what we should do, despite us saying that’s not what we want.  Warren was the only one to really listen to what we wanted.  We never felt like we were left in the dark.  We knew everything that was happening.  They told us everything we wanted to know and answered all our questions and this really helped us to understand all the technical terms.  We couldn’t fault anything in whole process. The man with the pavers was very very helpful.  Took all the legwork out of it for us.  Super convenient and had a big range to choose from. Our install was so quick and easy.  Everything just happened exactly the way it was supposed to!  Michael and the team left our backyard looking great. Using MFPE was definitely easy.  The pool is great.  We love it.  It really is just what we wanted. Communication 5/5 Involvement 5/5 Install Process 5/5 Overall Result 5/5 Installed: 18/11/2013. 
Cashmere, Qld
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