Reviews from Sunshine Coast, QLD

Reviews from Sunshine Coast, QLD

“Easy, Straightforward & Professional!”

We decided to go with MFPEasy for the following reason: 1. I liked Warren who came out to the site 2. They could install the pool pretty much the week after the site inspection. 3. They were one of the cheapest. Throughout the whole process, we felt that everything was easy, straightforward and professional. The communication was really good. The boys on site were nice, they did a good job. Things were done when they said they would be done. Everything was good overall, we are happy with the final result.
Communication 5/5
Involvement 5/5
Installation Process 5/5
Overall Result 5/5
Supply Date: 21/05/18.

“We felt part of the MFPEasy Family”

The lifetime warranty really stood out for us and made us go with the company because a lot of their competitors did not offer this. The communication was very easy, whenever I asked a question it got answered straight away and honestly, which built my trust in them. We felt involved from the beginning of signing the contract and throughout the whole process. The contract covered in detail anything that could potentially pop up and it was very clear. The installation process was all straightforward. They communicated to us when they were doing stuff, how long they would be and they got in and done a good job. It felt like everyone was part of the same family and we felt part of the MFPEasy family. They have done a really good job; I have already recommended them to some friends.
Communication 5/5
Involvement 5/5
Installation Process 5/5
Overall Result 5/5
Supply Date: 08/01/18.
Peregian Beach

“Very happy with the job”

We decided to go with MFPEasy because of their good website reviews. The job was done promptly and on time, with everything fitting the discussed timeframe. We were happy with the way it was installed and it is now operating perfectly. We are very happy with the job. We would recommended them to others.
Communication 4/5
Involvement 5/5
Installation Process 5/5
Overall Result 4/5
Supply Date: 02/05/2017.

“It’s the best thing we ever did!”

I did a lot of research online about pools and MFPE had the best information around. I had heard some good reports about them too so I decided to give them a go. I found them online and then I called a few different people to see if I could get some more information, and everything I heard was really positive. Everyone was telling me all about what MFPE had done for them and how happy they were with the service, so I rang them up and said I was interested. Warren told me that there was a spot available and I took it on right away. Soon it was paid for and delivered, all on schedule. All of the bits and pieces like the filter system came with it so that made it easy, and I was able to install it myself. I couldn’t get that high quality product for the price, anywhere else. We saved half of what I was being quoted with other pool companies. So we were really impressed. Everything they promised, they did. At first I thought I might need someone to help, so I did ask MFPE for that initially, but it was quite late notice on my behalf, and the weather was poor so that didn’t work out. That wasn’t anyone’s fault though, just bad timing. It turns out I didn’t need it anyway. I was able to do the installation just fine, and if you research enough, you can always find the best way to do the pool. The hole was dug by a backhoe driver, and then we filled it with sand, concrete and crusher dust around the outside. Being a sheet metal boiler maker by trade, I was able to put a frame around it and some locks to make it really solid. We did this because I decided to put the pool 3 quarters in the ground and a quarter above the ground. Then I was able to put decking all around it, so it looks great! It all worked perfectly. There were no draining issues either. I was able to do much more than any other contractor would usually do, and it worked out so much cheaper. Our pool isn’t huge, but it is just what we need. It’s big enough for laps; it has the edging all around it so it’s safe for the kids, and seating at both ends for when you are entertaining. It’s a great all-rounder. I try and get in it as much as I can and my girls love it too. It’s been the best thing we ever did! We are really happy with what we got for our money. It worked out perfectly for what we need. One thing I would say was that if I were to do it again I would put two lights in instead of just one. I just think it would make the pool look even better at night time. Its 99% at the moment that would make it a perfect 100% In my work I talk to so many different businesses, and I’ve been telling everyone about MFPE. I show them the Website, and offer to help if they need it. I just think it’s a great quality product and the DIY kit can save you heaps of money. I believe that if a company does everything right, they should get the credit that they deserve, and I believe MFPE deserves this. It’s when people don’t communicate properly that’s when you have problems. I’ve given MFPE this review because they have given me everything that I asked for. Everything that I expected to get I did get.
Communication 5/5
Involvement /5(DIY)
Installation Process /5(DIY)
Overall Result 5/5
Supply Date:: 05/10/2015.
Moffatt Beach, Qld

“It just fell into place perfectly”

I first heard about MFPE from my parents. I saw how the installers put their pool in, and decided to give it a go for myself! I had a look on the internet and the thing that stood out to me was the 25 year warranty! That was a major factor, and of course the price was pretty good as well. My wife spent some time talking on the phone to Warren, and he was so good and very helpful. He would just take you through everything, to make sure you understood what was happening every step of the way. It was just really good. We had a heap of questions, about what DIY was and what was included, and Warren would answer them straight away so we always knew we were on the same page with him. We already had a licenced builder in mind to help with the installation, and we found out that he works for Warren anyway, so it all just fell into place perfectly! I would highly recommend it!
Communication 5/5
Involvement /5(DIY Platinum)
Installation Process 5/5(DIY Platinum)
Overall Result 5/5
Supply Date:: 30/11/2015.
Little Mountain, QLD

Transformed our back yard into a thing of great beauty.

We approached this pool project with great caution as we had a tight budget and very specific ideas about how this swimming pool needed to look and blend into the existing landscaping, upon completion. There was also a specific deadline, which had to be met, due to a pending overseas trip. Three quotes were provided from local Sunshine Coast suppliers, all promising to deliver “the best pool on the coast” but none could guarantee that the finished product, could be delivered to us, with in our time frame. There were moderate price variations in each quote. Then we discovered “Mfp Easy” and Warren, who exuded confidence and professionalism. The promise of completing our pool project, with in our specified time frame, was guaranteed and work commenced shortly afterwards. All that we asked for, was provided and the job was handled with great care and attention to detail. Our existing landscaping was undisturbed and now features as a very important backdrop to our stunningly attractive 8.5m “Classic” pool. The works were completed within our agreed time frame and the site was left clean and tidy. Once things got under-way, we were astonished, how quickly work progressed. Any concerns we had we promptly dealt with by Warren and his team of friendly guys. Thanks to Warren and his team, for making the whole experience a pleasure and transforming our back yard into a thing of great beauty. Installed: 25/01/2016. 
Rex and Kevin
Cooroy, Qld


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