Reviews from Western QLD

Reviews from Western QLD

“The installation was very smooth!”

We found MFPEasy online and when we made an enquiry we were contacted within a day or two. The person who contacted us was really nice and informative. Even though we weren’t ready to build at the time, the person who initially made contact kept checking up on us to see how we were going with everything, which we thought was nice. We felt that the communication was very thorough and we felt involved and knew what was going on throughout the whole process. One of the things that stood out on the job site was the politeness of the tradesmen, they were very well mannered and they did not swear or anything. The installation was very smooth, we had no problems at all. We would absolutely recommend MFPEasy.
Communication 5/5
Involvement 5/5
Installation Process 5/5
Overall Result 5/5
Supply Date: 06/11/17.

“You have peace of mind, knowing you’re working with professionals”

We had some friends who had their pool done around the corner. We liked how the product was installed and how it came out. The ease of process stood out, everything flowed really well. Every occasion I rang wanting something resolved to a question, it was done on the spot. If not, they always promptly returned my call. With regards to the installation, everything was very professional and tidy. What we were told we were paying for was what we paid for. We have already recommended MFPeasy to our friends. Very easy people to work with, when you are handing over a lot of money, you have peace of mind, knowing you’re working with professionals. Polite service, the best experience we’ve had.
Communication 5/5
Involvement 5/5
Installation Process 5/5
Overall Result 5/5
Supply Date: 28/08/2017.
Murphy's Creek

“Everything was at a high level”

They had ownership in the way they spoke to me. It wasn’t just a job, but a passion. Everything was at a high level. The communication was good. If we had any queries they always got back to us promptly. I felt that we had ownership of the process as it was happening, and were kept in the loop. I have already recommended them.
Communication 5/5
Involvement 5/5
Installation Process 5/5
Overall Result 5/5
Supply Date: 13/03/2017.
Pine Mountain

“Everything went smoothly and was easy”

I found their prices were a lot cheaper than their competitors. It’s the first pool I have ever had. I liked the fact that I could do some of the work myself. They installed the pool shell and I did all the landscaping myself. The communication was good, if I had any queries they answered them through phone calls and emails. No complaints with the installation process. Everything went smoothly and was easy.
Communication 5/5
Involvement 5/5
Installation Process 5/5
Overall Result 5/5
Supply Date: 18/09/17

“It came together nicely”

The process took longer than I was expecting, because we had considerably bad weather so that did make it a bit difficult. The day the pool was meant to go in it poured down with rain! So it didn’t start very well but towards the end it came together nicely. Once Michael got onto the Job everything ran really smoothly. I can’t fault his communication his professionalism. Whatever he said he was going to do, he made sure it was completed. He always followed up and delivered. Everyone was great in their communication always getting back to me. Especially warren, even though he was very busy he would always make sure to call back if he missed a call. I am very happy with how involved I was and I felt like my decisions were heard and followed through on. Once Michael was on the scene I felt confident that everything would get done exactly the way it should. I did have a problem with how the water feature was placed but as soon as I spoke to Warren about it he organised to get it re-done which was fantastic! We are very happy with the overall result. We were able to swim as soon as the pool went in, but for safety we couldn’t have others over until everything was completed. Overall the pool looks great and it will be getting lots of use in the coming Summer Holidays!
Communication 5/5
Involvement 5/5
Installation Process 3/5
Overall Result 4/5
Supply Date: 4/01/2016.
Toowoomba QLD

“Good, Honest, Competitive Price”

My experience with MFPE was very good. When I called Warren for the quote he just seemed really good and honest and the price was very competitive, so that’s why I went with them. In fact everyone I dealt with on the team was really good. They would all call me with any little issues and fix them straight away. If they missed my call, which was very rare, they would get back to me straight away so communication was super easy. I was made to feel very involved in the process, and any concerns that I had were always discussed and resolved quickly. Everyone was happy to work as a team, myself included so there were no dramas whatsoever. We did have a tree that was in the way of the pool that we had to remove, but that wasn’t anyone’s fault. Apart from that everything worked out well. We are so happy with it and excited for summer when we can move in!
Communication 4.5/5
Involvement 5/5
Installation Process 4.5/5
Overall Result 5/5
Supply Date:: 20/06/2016.
Kensington Grove, QLD

“A quality pool…for much less”

We got a few quotes for pools from different companies but they were all too expensive, we were on a very tight budget. So we decided to look for pool kits. When we came across MFPE the price was too good to refuse! It was perfect and we had the option to do it ourselves which I really liked. We still got a quality pool that was exactly the same as the other ones we were looking at, but it was $1000 cheaper! That wasn’t a special deal either, just the normal price! I was very impressed. Michael and Warren were really helpful during the installation. They gave me tips on how to get the angles and the levels right, and the best way to install the pool, which I thought was great customer service. Even after the sale, they were still interested; wanting to make sure everything went well for me. If I needed to call them for advice they were ready to answer my questions, and they always got back to me straight away. I really am happy with all that they have done, and if I had to do it again, I’d definitely go with MFPE.
Communication 5/5
Involvement /5(DIY)
Installation Process /5(DIY)
Overall Result 5/5
Supply Date:: 01/06/2015.
Toowoomba, QLD

Simple and Easy.

Dealing with MFPE was a really good experience. It was simple and easy. They forwarded me the plans and I told them what I wanted to do. There were no instructions on the plans regarding where to lay certain plumbing and valves for hot water (maybe they could include this in the future?) etc, but it was easy enough to get a hold of Michael and he talked me through the whole process and I had no problems. I’m very happy with the quality of the pool and my experience with MFPE.   Supply Date: 01/06/2015.
Toowoomba, Qld

MFPE’s communication was above and beyond what we expected.

Sometimes I would send an email on a Saturday, hoping for a Monday close of business reply but received a reply as soon as Saturday night.  It was simple enough to understand, and detailed enough to give us confidence. When the pool was going in, Warren made a few very good suggestions and we went with them.  For example, he suggested putting in the provisions for heating so that at some point in the future, if we want to, it will be very simple to switch it over.  We did not find MFPE pushy at all.  Instead, they listened to what we wanted and made sure it was achievable.  They involved us at a level that we were comfortable with which was great. The actual install of the pool was far more exciting than it was nerve racking!  It’s not every day that you can get a crane come to your place to lift a pool shell down the side of your house.  Several of our neighbours came to see what all the fuss was about and the kids loved watching it too.   We didn’t price other pavers so we couldn’t say for sure how competitive the 3D pricing was, but what we can say is that it certainly was very convenient!  The display pavers were in the back of the 3D truck which made it simple and easy to choose what we wanted, from our driveway!. We really felt that the tradespeople were much tidier than some other tradespeople that have worked in our backyard.  There was some damage to our grass, but it was nothing we weren’t already expecting, so that was no problem.  End Result? Brilliant.  Great.  As an addition to the backyard from an aesthetic point of view, we are thrilled.  The kids get so much fun out of it and it has certainly added value to our property.  When we made the decision to do it, we were really pleased and we have not been disappointed at all. We had a few other quotes… but we chose to go with MFPE because Warren was friendly but also extremely professional and was able to tell us when each step would happen (which it did!). Whenever we asked a question, his extensive knowledge of the industry and our specific job meant that he could answer us on the spot.  It has quite definitely met our expectations and was much less stressful that we had envisaged. Definitely, definitely, definitely, definitely EASY!  We have already recommended MFPE to our friends because it was exactly that, EASY!  Warren told us it would take three days and we hesitantly accepted that, but when the dig started on a Wednesday and we were swimming on Friday night, we couldn’t have been happier! Communication 5/5 Involvement 5/5 Install Process 5/5 Overall Result 5/5 Installed: 12/01/2015. 
Mt Lofty, Qld

We couldn’t be happier!

After hearing a number of “no, we can’t”s from other pool companies, it was great to hear Warren explain how it was possible to achieve our dream pool.  As we had a difficult site, all potential problems were discussed up front so we could have back up plans in place.  His ideas about where to put the pump and the layout etc were really effective.  We chose our pavers online with 3D and then discussed it with the team over the phone.  They were helpful and gave us great service.  We knew exactly what was going on the whole time and whenever we needed to get in touch with the boys to ask a question, everything was fully explained and they were always easy to contact. When it came time for the install, we had total confidence.  Due to our location, everything had to be scheduled very tightly.  On the day, everything turned up as the boys said it would and the install ran smoothly and seamlessly.  The team cleaned up after themselves and left our property looking great. The whole process with MFPE was most definitely that – easy.  We love our pool.  Absolutely love it.  The brilliant black colour makes the water just gorgeous.  The coping and paving looks wonderful.  Working in the construction industry, we understand that problems can happen.  Whenever we had a slight concern, Warren dealt with our query himself immediately or put us in touch with someone who could help out straight away.  We couldn’t be happier! Communication 5/5 Involvement 4.5/5 Install Process 4/5 Overall Result 5/5 Installed: 24/11/2014.
Pratten, Qld
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