Swimming pool filters for various pool needs!!

Swimming pool is not all fun and games, it involves work like maintaining your poolside clean and safe for you and your loved ones.

Here comes in the picture, the right kind of pool filter which will make sure that your pool water is crystal clear at all times. Without a good pool filter, your pool is a safe harbor for deadly germs and diseases.

Majorly, the three types of pool filters are sand filters, cartridge filters and Diatomaceous Earth filters.

Sand Filters

The easiest to use of all of the three filters is Sand Filter. Even though they’re very basic, they’re great in removing the debris and dirt threatening the clarity of your pool. Sand simply traps the dirt while the pool water is pumped through it. Tightly packed sand works much better , these filters need to be cleaned at least once in every season to maintain their efficiency.

,p>Cleaning sand filters is done by a process called “backwashing” in which as the name suggests the water flow is reversed. Consult your pool service company for proper instructions on how to do it as it varies from type to type.

Diatomaceous Earth/ D.E. Filters

Diatomaceous Earth, or D.E., pool filter is the most effective of all pool filter types. Made out of exoskeleton of algae, these filters work out the most finest of particulate matter from your pool.

These are cleaned similarly to sand filters, one exception is that new D.E. must be added to layer the grids present in the filter. By pouring Diatomaceous Earth through the skimmer, you can recharge your filter but just to be on the safe side call your pool services as well.

Cartridge Filters

Being the hybrid of both the aforementioned filters, this filter has a very high filtering capacity and needs to be cleaned only twice in a full year.

Remove the cartridge or cartridges and let them soak for minimum 12 hours before cleaning them.

Hence removing all embedded oil and grease, rinse your cartridges thoroughly with fresh water. Allowing the cartridges to dry fully before reinstalling ensures full efficiency.

Installing a good pool filter is not only crucial for your pool’s health but is mandatory for your health and wellness. Don’t forget to maintain your pool and keep it sparkly clean at all times before you start enjoying your pool time this summer.


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