Pool Lights to choose from- guide to follow!

Confused about pool lighting options, lost on how to best reflect your pool’s charisma.. WORRY NO MORE!

This article is for you, Read up to find out which are the best pool lighting options out there.

Traditional Incandescent Lighting are popular because of easy installation and low prices(at least initially) but for those of you who want a little WOW factor for their fibreglass pool should go for LED lighting. Though they are a little costlier to install than incandescent lighting, in long term they provide value for your money.

Light up your pool steps.

Don’t forget about your pool area, even though your main focus remains mostly in underwater lighting:your pool area is equally important.

Apart from adding safety and aesthetics to your pool, they also make it easier to navigate throughout the area.

Consider the color of your pool tile

Depending on the backdrop similar pool lighting could look colossally different, the simple rule is that lighter surfaces tend to reflect light, while darker surfaces absorb it.But things could get tricky with various types of colorful lights out there.Look for pools with similar color tiles to get a grasp on how to choose the best one.

Diffusion is cool!

It’s common knowledge that soft lighting coming from lots of sources looks way more attractive than harsh lighting coming from fewer sources.So even if you decide against LED lighting and are going for standard incandescent lighting,install at least two lights in the water for a softer elegant feel.Outside the pool, use properly spaced out lighting.

Solar lights-always an option.

Solar lights cannot replace the need for an electrical fixture but they can add a flourish to your swimming pool area. You can light up the water surface or add them to the ornamental decorations. They nicely fill in the gaps and are obviously eco friendly and easy on your pocket as well.

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