Pool Safety Guidelines to avoid accidents!

Even though Drowning is the number one safety issue when it comes to swimming pool safety, electrocution is not so far behind too.You can avoid risk of an electrical accident by exercising common sense, adhering to safety guidelines, and by making sure your pool meets all current safety standards.

There are mostly two reasons because of which electrical accidents happen:

Faulty equipments or Faulty people..It’s as simple as that!

Any person with a questionable judgement be it someone intoxicated or a child needs to be looked out for, in case they are behaving risky and using electrical appliances near water.

Another common occurrence is pool lights or other metal fixtures behaving erratically due to faulty installation or ageing over time.

Swimming Pool electrocutions are massively scary because most of the time they render you helpless as contacting with someone who’s being shocked can shock you too.

The only solution is to avoid such incidents to full length by being cautious and smart about following safety guidelines.

Minimize your risks by making sure your pool is in perfect order.Upgrade your pool lighting and make sure they comply with modern safety standards

Inspect your pool’s electrical components from time to time and if you’re buying an older pool, inspect it before you buy.

DIYs are best left to foodies and fasionnovas let the professionals handle the electrical stuff.

First and foremost, it’s important to not panic in case any such mishap occurs. Have a action plan in order which should include turning off the power, having people exit the pool without touching metal fixtures, and calling an ambulance.


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