Pool shapes to look at!

With the options tolling to around thousands it’s hard to choose one pool shape that does it all. A perfect pool shape does not only elevates the appeal of your pool but it is also eco friendly.

If you’re thinking of installing a fibreglass pool, which you definitely should; here’s a few pool shapes to look for.

You need something that’s within your budget, functional and satisfies your pool needs.

1. Rectangular

The hands down most common pool option, rectangular pools are everything a typical family needs for lounging, laps and water sports. If you want a spool i.e a spa pool combo, the best option will be a square pool.

2. Oval/Round

Oval pools have eerily similar advantages like the rectangular pools but as they definitely look more appealing to some eyes, you can pick them too.

3. Freeform

A fan of nature and blue lagoon, go for these free form pool shapes which mimic any shape you want. Usually they are made as to look like a natural water body in a lush landscape surrounded with greenery.

4. Roman/Grecian

Want a royal like bath similar to Alexander, The Great; why not pick Roman style pool shapes. With fancy embellishments, staircases and half rounded figure at the end; this pool style is definitely a winner in terms of elegance.

5. Custom

If you have the budget for it, the only limit is not being creative. You can literally have a thousand options if you’re willing to put the efforts and money into it. From a panda shaped pool to a guitar one, you can have your dream pool in any shape you want.

Don’t forget to call our experts for more information and details.

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