Seconds & Aged Pools Specials

Seconds & Aged Pool Specials


Our Seconds Pools have had repairs to “minor damage”. These pools come with significant warranties along with Before and After photos in almost all cases.

Our Aged Stock is aged only in that the shell has been held in stock (not exposed to the sun and the elements) for longer than our standard “turnaround cycle”.


Again, each pool comes with “Substantial Warranties”.
Discounts offered only apply to the pools shell shown and with the nominated colour.

Disclaimer: Discounts can not be applied to already discounted offers


The pools are now available on a “first in first served basis” and will need to be installed in the month of April 2021 (Southeast Queensland Only).

Note: At the discounts offered we expect all pools will sell quickly.


View and Download our Detailed Flyer Below

ESA3175-MFP-Secondary-Range-Flyer-FEB2021-2-SOLD-5.5(1)(3) (1)


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    Don't pay $1000's more from others...... A MINERAL POOL IS STANDARD FOR US

    We can guarantee your install date for May then June.... OTHERS MAY NOT BE ABLE TO.