Various Types Of Pool Covers

Are you considering having a pool cover installed?

Any pool lasts longer with the right pool cover. It protects the pool from sediments and keeps the treated pool water from evaporating. If it’s durable enough, it can even prevent children and pets from falling in. Below are some types of pool covers to consider:

  1. Track-style. This type of pool cover is made of coated reinforced vinyl. It slides open and closes on tracks professionally installed under the coping or right under the deck that surrounds the pool. Track-style covers can either be fully-automatic, manual, or semi-automatic.
  2. Tie-down. This cover is made of solid vinyl and threaded nylon mesh material. This is the usual pool cover for winter, but it’s also used for occasional pool maintenance treatments.
  3. Solar or thermal blankets. This is made of man-made polyethylene material with bubbles or air pockets that absorb the heat of the sun and then radiate it to the pool water. Solar pool covers raise the water’s temperature by up to ten degrees. It can help you save money on heating.
  4. Standard Winter. This sets you back $100 to $275 and it’s not good looking at all after a while. It is best at keeping out debris and sunlight. It is made of material like a tarp and is held into place by weighted water bags. This cover doesn’t keep animals or humans from falling into the water. It just lasts for about one to three seasons. You will need a pump to remove accumulated water on top of it.
  5. Security. If your budget is around $1500 to $3,500, then this pool cover is for you. It resembles a trampoline. It has spring-loaded straps that anchor the cover to the surrounding concrete to keep it stable.
    • Mesh—This sub-type is of a mesh material, effective in supporting heavy weight, and keeping debris out. It is great during winter for accumulated snow. Rainwater just passes through it and it lasts for 10 to 15 years. It’s a good investment. Because it allows rainwater to pass through, you will have a murky pool water after the rain.
    • Solid—This is made of solid vinyl material, efficient in keeping even water away from the pool. It lasts for 2 to 4 years, making sure that the pool water is always clear. Note that you need a pump to clear the water on top of it.


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