How to go green with your pool: ways to go eco friendly

By green pool, we don’t mean pools with gross algae or water plants. Here we’re going to talk about some eco-friendly tips you can follow to have a green pool. Modern lifestyle does nothing for the mother nature actually harming it while getting more advanced. Having a backyard fibreglass pool is a great luxury but like all luxury it comes at an exorbitantly high price including the price paid by the environment.

A swimming pool needs a tremendous amount of fuel, energy, materials and labor to be made into existence along with the regular inflow of energy and water to keep it operating so though there’s no way you could avoid getting your hands dirty (in the environmental responsibility sense), there are a few things you could do to lessen your guilt while enjoying your dream pool.

Environmentalists and activists shouldn’t probably get a pool altogether but people who do care about their environment but also want a backyard pool can benefit from these ideas as your fibreglass pool can become eco-friendlier with a tad bit of thinking and efforts from you.

Solar pool heater

Opting for a solar pool heater is one of the first steps on making your fibreglass pool eco-friendly. It’s a cost effective way of ensuring that your pool conserves energy as well.

Use certified energy saving applications

There are many pool equipment’s and lighting that can be chosen smartly like the ones with energy star certification. Preferring solar lighting or LED over other options is also a step towards a green pool.

Go natural

Rather than using chlorine, you can opt for aquatic plants which are used to sanitize the water. Other alternatives include salt water and ozone systems but the best option is to keep your pool clean regularly by yourself or appointing someone.

Save water

You can cut back on your water bill and save water by using a pool cover to avoid your pool water from evaporation. This also helps in keeping your fibreglass pool clean and maintain water temperature thus lesser need to use heating methods.


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