Brisbane Aqua Technics Pools

Stronger. Lighter. Better.

Aqua Technics are WA’s most awarded pool company ever

    Aqua Technics is an Australian pool manufacturer based in WA that’s been specialising in award-winning fibreglass swimming pools since 1976. MFP Easy is proud to offer their vast range of premiere pools in varying sizes, shapes and colours for installation all across Brisbane.

    Take one look at Aqua Technics pool designs and you’ll see why they’ve become one of Australia’s best fibreglass pool builders. Their designs are sleek and their pools are durable, giving you and your family the perfect backyard for a lifetime of outdoor fun.

    When you get an Aqua Technics pool, you get nothing but the best—including design and material quality, and even installation. MFP Easy has partnered with Aqua Technics and established itself as QLD’s #1 award-winning pool installer, giving you the highest quality in product and service.

      Aqua Technics’ Graphene

      No other product can offer you all these advantages and benefits. Beaware of unsubstantiated claims of comparison or cheaper alternatives. Only Pool ColourGuard® can offer you all of these advantages.

      Aqua Technics pools are the best for a reason. Every single pool is engineered with graphene nano technology. So, buying Aqua Technics means you’re investing in a pool that’s designed to last.  

      Aqua Technics works with First Graphene, Australia’s leading supplier of high-performing graphene products, to weave graphene into the composite layers of their pools. A completely new patent-pending construction process that has revolutionized fibreglass pool technology and has made Aqua Technics Australia’s #1 pool manufacturer. 


      Extended Lifetime Structural Warranty

      Aqua Technics takes such pride in the strength and performance of their fibreglass swimming pools that they offer a lifetime structural warranty on the entire range.


      A safer, healthier pool with antimicrobial protection

      Aqua Technics pools include Mictrotech Anti-Microbial Pool Protection to fight against bacteria growth, making it more  hygienic and safer for your family.

      ColourGuard guarantees colour for life

      Aqua Technics is the world’s first pool manufacturer to offer Lifetime Interior Surface Guarantee with every Pool ColourGuard pool.

      Quality, licenced Aqua Technics pool installation across Brisbane

      MFP Easy is certified to build to AS/NZS 1838 under license BMP No 520101. We are measured and tested by an authorised, independent auditor. We also comply with AS/NZS ISO 9001 Quality System.


      Than The Rest.

      By using Graphene Nano-Tech, Aqua Technics pools are physically stronger and more water resistant than any other pool. Leveraging this new technology in the swimming pool industry means Aqua Technics pools are also able to:

      • Work under reactive soil conditions, including hydro-dynamic and hydro-static pressures.
      • Increase osmotic resistance with improved corrosion barrier.
      • Increase flexural strength and have 30% stronger pools.
      • Ease transportation and crane lifts with light-weight material. 
      • Have a higher impact strength.
      • Reduce water transpiration through the laminate.

      30% Stronger

      Graphene is over 200 times stronger than steel and  titanium, giving you the strongest pool ever.

      30% Lighter

      Graphene is surprisingly light, providing exceptional strength without additional weight.

      More Resistance

      A pool with Graphene Nano-Tech has increased flexural and impact strength, plus higher resistance to water and chemicals.

      Cheaper, Easier Installation

      Thanks to Our Strong Pool Structure

      Ribbed For Reinforcement

      Aqua Technics pools are built with a full-size structural ribbing system along the walls that make installation a breeze. The system reinforces the pool and makes it independently structural when installed into a sandy hole. This makes installation easier and helps lower costs by removing the need for sand and cement backfill.

      Structurally Simple Yet Strong

      Each pool also includes a 200mm wide edge beam to make it more structurally sound. This helps lower cost by removing the need to add secondary engineering works, like a concrete ring beam.

      Finding a paver to work with these different dimensions in Brisbane is easy. With the rise in popularity among Aqua Technics pools, most paving companies in Brisbane have adjusted and designed their headers to perfectly fit these edge beams.

      A Step Up

      Aqua Technics pools also include support structures in the step area to easily and effectively guide backfill around the pool. This is an engineered design to sustain the entire structure and support the longevity of the pool. Without this, it would be impossible for the backfill to consolidate under the step area, which could lead to pool damages and more maintenance costs.

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