Round Pool Series

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 In Our Round Pools

No other product can offer you all these advantages and benefits. Beaware of unsubstantiated claims of comparison or cheaper alternatives. Only Pool ColourGuard® can offer you all of these advantages.

Attractive, functional pool design is no longer reserved for expansive backyard real estate. Now, yards of virtually any size and shape can have the luxury of a fibreglass pool. The best part? With MFP Easy, fibreglass pools are absolutely affordable (we even have finance options available.)

Our round pools have a bench that runs around the perimeter and optional spa jets that you can have installed too. Whether you want a place to escape the heat after work or an ideal spot for entertaining, these models really are the perfect solution.

Round Pool

A round fibreglass pool might be exactly what you need to completely transform your back yard.

Our round pools give you the perfect place to relax and cool off without taking up a large amount of of space.

    • 400mm wide bench seat around the perimeter
    • Step for easy entry and exit from the pool
    • Optimum water flow and efficient filtration
    • Organic design that blends with landscaping
    • Add spa jets for a hydrotherapy experience
    • 200mm edgebeam, providing structural strength

    This is the only Design Certified round fibreglass plunge pool in Australia!

    Design Registration #202015562

      Check your Pool in the App 

      One great thing about round pools is they can fit into just about any yard shape. Whether it’s an irregular shaped block, an angled retaining wall or you’re just looking for something unique, round pools look stunning just about anywhere.

       If you want to experiment with the placement of these round pool designs (or any MFP pool design for that matter), make sure you check out the My Pool Design app. It uses Augmented Reality so you can see the pool in your yard while you’re standing there. As far as we’re concerned, this is a must for anyone considering a new pool installation.

      pool installation vr app


      Pool Installation FAQ

      How long will a round fibreglass pool last?

      Fibreglass pools are built to last. While eventual maintenance may be required, you can expect your round fibreglass pool to last at least 30 years, and sometimes even as much as 50 years with MFP Easy.

      All our fibreglass pools are constructed using new generation, high performance, corrosion resistant, and eco-friendly fibreglass with improved strength and stiffness. The durability etched into the design of our round fibeglass pools make our products an ideal backyard choice for families who want their space to last generation-to-generation.

      Imagine the happiness your family can experience with backyard barbeques and summertime bonding for years on end. All that is possible with MFP Easy.

      How long will I have to wait until pool installation can start?
      You might be surprised to know that a typical lead time for pool installation with MFP Easy is just 4 weeks! Often, we can find ways to reduce this to just 2 – 3 weeks.
      Is the pool installation process difficult?

      Pool installation is faster with a fibreglass pool. The hole is excavated, levelling and sand basing is implemented, and soon the pool can be craned directly into the hole. Filling of pool water can begin immediately, while pool filtration, wiring and fitting of lighting, and backfilling of the pool walls takes place.

      In only a few days, the pool is ready for a cooling plunge. A concrete beam is poured to seal the soil around the fibreglass pool edges, which also gives a solid base for pavers and poolside tables and seating. Paving and landscaping is next and you now have a perfect setting for a pool BBQ, poolside party, or drift about on an airbed.

      Are there finance options available on your pools?

      Yes! We have great finance options available through Handypay. This finance is available on all of our fibreglass pools, including any limited time specials that may be on offer.

      Take a look at our Pool Finance page for more information.

      We also have a strong relationship with Joe Pitari from Money Quest. Joe has organized finance for quite a few of our customers and often sets customers up with a better home loan deal in the process.

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