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Compact Aquatic Bliss

Welcome to our Small Fibreglass Pool Selection! Dive into a world of compact aquatic bliss as we introduce you to a curated collection pools.

Whether you have limited outdoor space or simply prefer a more intimate aquatic experience, our small pool designs are here to inspire and delight. Discover the art of maximizing space without compromising on style or functionality.

Introducing Our Pool Selection

Pricing includes installation and standard inclusions

An exact quote can be provided following an initial site visit as some installations might require additional costs

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Small Pools FAQ

What is the smallest size for an inground swimming pool?

Our smallest inground fibreglass swimming pool is a round pool with a 3m diameter. If you prefer a rectangular pool, then the Serenity (4m x 2.5m) is the next smallest option available. See the small pool designs above for a look at the smallest pools in our range.

Is a 6m pool too small?

For most people, a 6m pool is more than large enough. With that said, the ‘right size’ is entirely dependent on the size of your backyard and your vision for your pool. There are a few questions you can ask yourself to help you decide the right pool size:

  • How much space do you have available in your yard?
  • How much usable space do you want to have left over?
  • How do you plan to use your new pool? Do you envision using it to cool off, entertain, or swim laps?

All of these factors will help you determine whether a 6m pool is large enough for your needs.

What is a very small pool called?

A very small pool is typically referred to as a plunge pool. Plunge pools are designed for cooling off and relaxing rather than swimming laps and playing games. Although exact shapes and dimensions will vary, they’re typically around the size of a large spa.

Is a tiny pool worth it?

Determining whether a tiny pool will work for you depends entirely on where you’re planning on installing your pool and how you plan to use it.

If you don’t want to sacrifice the limited space you already have or if you want to use your pool for exercise, a small pool might not be the best option.

If you have no use for your yard space and would rather relax in your pool with friends and family, a small pool can be the perfect balance of function and cost.

What is the easiest small pool to maintain?

A small fibreglass pool is the easiest type of pool to maintain. Fibreglass in general has lower regular maintenance costs than concrete and vinyl pools. It also has lower long-term costs since you don’t have to resurface them or replace the liner. Smaller pools also call for fewer chemicals and smaller amounts of maintenance, which lowers your regular pool expenses. From our range, the round Infinity and Terrace 3 models (3m diameter) or rectangular Serenity (4m x 2.5m) will be the easiest to maintain. Take a look at the table above to see a list of our smaller pool designs.

What is the best pool for a small backyard?

For most small backyards, the best pool will be a small rectangular one like our 4m x 2.5m Serenity model. Since most backyards are rectangular, this allows the pool design to fit seamlessly into their existing space without leaving any awkward space around it. Depending on your circumstances, a round pool may be a better option as it requires a small footprint and can easily fit into a limited space without feeling cramped.

What are the cheapest backyard pool options?

The cheapest backyard pool options in the MFP Easy fibreglass range are:

  • Round pools (Infinity and Terrace 3)
  • Verona (4.5m x 2.5m)
  • Serenity (4m x 2.5m)

What sizes do fibreglass pools come in?

Fibreglass pools come in a range of sizes from 3m diameter round pools all the way through our 11m x 4m Kensington pool design. We have a wide range of fibreglass pool models available to suit all families and backyards.

Can you have a pool in a small backyard?

Of course! With designs as small as just 3m x 2.5m, there’s a fibreglass pool model for just about any backyard space.

What is the cheapest shape of pool to build?

Theoretically, a standard rectangular pool would be the cheapest shape to install. However, installation cost doesn’t necessarily correlate with shape. It all boils down to the size of your chosen pool design and the difficulty of the installation location. Regardless of shape, it will always cost more to install a larger pool than a smaller one. This is simply because larger pools require more materials to build and more labour to install.

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