Large Pool Series

$56,700 - $60,400
(pricing includes installation and standard inclusions)

Unrivaled Size and Design

Welcome to our Large Fibreglass Pool Selection! Dive into a world of relaxation, entertainment, and endless fun with our exceptional selection of large pools.

Whether you envision hosting grand poolside gatherings, enjoying refreshing solo swims, or creating cherished family memories, our large pools are designed to exceed your expectations.

Introducing Our Pool Selection

Pricing includes installation and standard inclusions

An exact quote can be provided following an initial site visit as some installations might require additional costs

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Large Pools FAQ

What is the largest fibreglass pool you can get?

The largest fibreglass pool in our range is the Kensington model, at 11m x 4m. Different manufacturers offer different dimensions, but about 11m is typically the largest you’ll find from most fibreglass pool manufacturers. This is mostly due to transportation restrictions — we need to be able to transport the fibreglass shell on the back of a truck.

How much does a fibreglass pool cost in Australia?

In MFP’s current range, the cost of a fully installed fibreglass pool ranges from $41,200 to $66,200.* Sometimes, the final cost can vary, though, typically because of more challenging install conditions than we normally see. *Prices are subject to change. Please see our pricing page for an up-to-date price list.

What sizes do fibreglass pools come in?

Fibreglass pools can range anywhere from 2m to around 11m, and come in various sizes and shapes. For example, MFP’s range includes everything from the 4m x 2.5m Serenity model, up to the 11m x 4m Kensington.

Are fibreglass pools worth it?

Fibreglass pools are absolutely worth it. Compared to other pool types, they’re not only less expensive to install, but they’re also cheaper and easier to maintain. Plus, they even last longer than their concrete counterparts. With so many pool shapes, sizes, and designs available, there’s at least one model that’s perfect for your backyard.

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