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    If you’re thinking about getting a fibreglass pool, you probably have a ton of questions, and understandably so. You’ve come to the right place, though. Here, we’ll go over everything you need to know about the process and time frame to transform your property into your very own outdoor oasis.
    Keep reading to learn about what a standard fibreglass pool construction process looks like. Just keep in mind, this can vary based on the install location and workload required for your specific pool.


      Watch the installation process

      1. Discovery & Assessment

        • Reach out to us at 1300 30 60 11 or request a call back
        • Learn about our fibreglass pools and installation process
        • Get a rough cost estimate
        • Simply reach out to our friendly team, and we’ll give you a quick call back to discuss our range of fibreglass pools and the construction process. We’re happy to answer any questions you might have.

        If you haven’t already taken advantage of viewing our online pricing (we are not aware of any other company that can provide this for you), we can give you perhaps a more expanded estimate of the total cost, including installation.

        Note: A site visit is required before a formal, detailed quote can be provided.

        Keep reading to learn about what a standard fibreglass pool construction process looks like. Just keep in mind, this can vary based on the install location and workload required for your specific pool.


          2. Initial Site Visit & Quote

            • Schedule site visit

            • Discuss important details and take measurements

            • Receive formal quote and timeframe

            • During this step, we’ll schedule a site visit to your home. This is the perfect time to discuss important factors with our team, like size, shape, exact install location, and site access for your pool (we obviously can help to whatever degree you need in this process).

              Once you’ve made a final decision, we’ll take some measurements and provide you with a formal quote and timeframe for your new pool!

              3. Pre-Construction

                • Certifications
                • Soil testing
                • Inspections

                The third phase starts with signing the contract and paying the deposit. 

                Congratulations, you’re about to become a pool owner! Certifications and soil testing happen next, followed by fire ant (where applicable) inspections.

                    global testing - pre-construction stage

                    4. Construction

                      Construction management review of:

                      Pool’s position and height above ground
                      Construction access points
                      Equipment size needed for excavation and craning
                      Suitable place to deliver the shell before lifting
                      Approximately one week before pool construction starts, you’ll get a visit from the construction manager (and/or the assistant construction manager).

                      They’ll be at your home to review several things, including the pool’s position and height relative to the surrounding area, construction access points, the size of excavation and craning equipment needed, and a suitable place to deliver the shell before lifting.

                      5. Pool Installation

                        Day 1

                        • Pre-installation sign off
                        • Safety audit
                        • Excavation
                        • Pool shell delivery and pre-plumbing
                        • Temporary fencing install

                        It’s time to install your new pool! On the first day, you’ll complete the pre-installation sign-off. This simply confirms that all elements of the job are in line with the contract and no final changes are required. A safety audit is then conducted before excavation begins. The excavation takes about one day.

                        From there, your fibreglass pool shell arrives and is pre-plumbed with the pipework and lighting needed. We’ll also install temporary fencing to ensure site safety at all times.

                        Day 2

                        • Pool shell craned into place and connected
                        • Backfill added
                        • Addition of water
                        • Site cleanup

                        On the last day of your pool construction, the shell gets craned into position and connected to the filter. Then, the backfill process begins to secure the pool in place. At this time, water is added at the same rate to maintain equal pressure.

                        *The timing indicated can change for larger pools and more difficult sites and other unknown possibilities.


                        6. Post Pool Installation

                          • 24-72 hrs post-installation: vacuum pool, add chemicals, set filtration timers, clean site
                          • 7-14 days post-installation: add structural concrete beam and extra concreting if applicable
                          • 2-5 days post-concrete install: lay pavers
                            Add water feature (if applicable)
                          • 2-3 days post-paver completion: take fencing measurements
                          • 14 days post-paver completion: install fencing *
                          • Remove temporary fencing *
                          • Add chemical doses and clean pool
                          • Conduct final site clean prior to handover
                            * At times before handover at other times after handover as agreed with the customer

                          About 24-72 hours after your new pool is installed, our team will vacuum your pool, add the required chemicals, set filtration timers and perform another site clean.

                          Then, within 7-14 days of installation, we’ll add the structural concrete beam around your pool, along with any other concrete that’s included in your contract. Once that’s done, within 2-5 days, we’ll lay down pavers (generally at a maximum of around 20m squared per workday).

                          If you’ve chosen to have a water feature, sometime during the paving lay process, we’ll construct this feature. Then, within 2-3 days of paving completion, our fencing contractor (if engaged) will come on-site to take final measurements for your permanent pool fencing. Fencing is generally complete within 2 weeks of the paving being completed.

                          At this time, we’ll remove the temporary fencing, complete the initial chemical dosing and clean your new pool. We’ll then clean the site a second time to ensure no debris is left and your new pool area looks immaculate.

                          7. Final Handover

                            • Within 5-7 days of the installation being finalised, a Handover Technician will arrive to do the formal handover of your brand new pool! This generally takes around 1 hour and will include:

                              • A final check and adjustment of pool chemicals to make sure your pool is swim-ready
                              • A run-through of how to use your new pool equipment
                              • General discussion about the installation process, maintenance best practices and upkeep
                              • Answering any questions you may have

                              From the commencement of on-site excavation to the final handover, it generally takes 14-28 days (excluding any minor delays caused by the permanent fencing installation). Keep in mind, this can be longer in peak periods or for more difficult projects.

                            Pool Installation FAQ

                            How are fibreglass pools installed?

                            Installing a fibreglass pool involves excavating a site, installing plumbing and electrical and craning the fibreglass shell in place. Then, the shell gets filled with water while backfilling at the same rate to maintain hydrostatic pressure (equal pressure pushing inward vs outward). Everything is hooked up, tested and finished with pavers and pool fencing.

                            See above for a more detailed breakdown of what our pool installation process looks like.


                            How long does it take to put in a fibreglass pool?

                            A typical fibreglass pool installation takes around 21-28 days to complete. This depends on weather, install challenges (site access, sloped block, etc.) and workload. Winter and spring are the best times to install as they typically have the lowest demand and the most favorable weather.

                            How long will I have to wait until pool installation can start?

                            You might be surprised to know that a typical lead time for pool installation with MFP Easy is just 4 weeks! Often, we can find ways to reduce this to just 2 – 3 weeks.

                            Is the pool installation process difficult?

                            Pool installation is faster with a fibreglass pool. The hole is excavated, levelling and sand basing is implemented, and soon the pool can be craned directly into the hole. Filling of pool water can begin immediately, while pool filtration, wiring and fitting of lighting, and backfilling of the pool walls takes place.

                            In only a few days, the pool is ready for a cooling plunge. A concrete beam is poured to seal the soil around the fibreglass pool edges, which also gives a solid base for pavers and poolside tables and seating. Paving and landscaping is next and you now have a perfect setting for a pool BBQ, poolside party, or drift about on an airbed.

                            How much space is required for installer access?

                            Ideally, our team of pool installers will need a 3m opening to make the process easy. That said, we can often work with as little as just 1.4m.

                            If you’re considering a fibreglass pool installation and have limited space, the best thing to do is chat to our friendly team on 1300 30 60 11 and they can help determine if the space is viable. In most cases, we can find some kind of solution.

                            Are there finance options available on your pools?

                            Yes! We have great finance options available through Handypay. This finance is available on all of our fibreglass pools, including any limited time specials that may be on offer.

                            Take a look at our Pool Finance page for more information.

                            We also have a strong relationship with Joe Pitari from Money Quest. Joe has organized finance for quite a few of our customers and often sets customers up with a better home loan deal in the process.

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