I Have a Small Back Yard. Do I Still Have Room for a Custom Fibreglass Swimming Pool?

November 10, 2023

Most of us who have a fibreglass swimming pool use it every day all summer long. We cannot imagine not having a pool and we look forward to opening the pool and getting started with the new swimming season every year.

There are those, conversely, who do not have a swimming pool and who can’t imagine having one because they aren’t sure that they have the right amount of space in their back yard.

If you have a very small back yard you may believe that you don’t have the space for a swimming pool.

What if we told you that building a custom fiberglass swimming pool wasn’t always about space and that you could usually have that swimming pool that you want even if you’re in a small space. You can have a swimming pool in a small yard simply by pulling off your own custom small scale fiberglass pool installation.

The biggest thing that you have to think about when it comes to your fiberglass swimming pool installation is the shape of the pool. Despite having a smaller space to work with , if you are working with the right shape of fiberglass pool installation you can usually make it work, even in a very tiny back garden.

Size, as they say, is relative, but it’s the shape that will help to make your pool noticed and will give you the swimming space that you want. In addition, the smaller swimming pools and installation are going to cost less because they are going to require less excavation and less water to be added after the installation.

Think you can’t get a swimming pool in your small yard? Think again. There’s always a style to make it work.