Ideas for a raging pool party that everyone will remember!

November 9, 2023

Pool parties are a huge deal in a modern urban neighborhood and you definitely want to make a good impression when you’re the one throwing a party.

Whether you’re looking for a small get together or a loud party with loads of people, here we have some cool ideas that you can pick from.

Themes to choose from

Movie night

Watch your favorite water themed movies from Jaws to Piranha, classics like The Little Mermaid and Finding Nemo for kids can be played as well. Use a projector or your flat screen TV.

Whatever works for you. Prepare for a few extra flotation devices so that people can enjoy the pool and movie together. Serve popcorn, sodas and your regular movie snacks from a make do concession stand, people will definitely remember your pool party for days.

Cocktail party

If you’re more into a classy elegant vibe, rather than a homely union; set up lounge chairs. Cue up some club music and serve cocktails, champagnes or anything else that catches your fancy. Make sure to hand out flip flops, hats or anything that makes your party a tastefully arranged get together.

A Hawaiian feast

A popular but simply affordable party theme is transforming your pool into an exotic Hawaii beach. Ask your guests to wear their best colorful dresses and shirts. Decorate your poolside with bright jazzy colors and beach themed accessories. Flowers, tiki torches, shells and sea food are a great touch to add. Serve pina coladas and fresh tropical drinks with pineapple wedges or coconut water in coconut shells. You’ll definitely give your guests the best time of their life.