Personalise your Pool Fence

November 10, 2023

When you install a fence around your swimming pool, it serves a vital purpose: to keep those that cannot swim from finding their way into the water. Whatever the fence you have around your pool, you don’t have to suffer from the fencing being bland or boring. There are many ways to make your fence look great around your fibreglass pool.

Various Designs

At My Fibreglass Pool Easy we offer a wide range of swimming pool fences to enhance the beauty of your new pool. Two popular options that we offer are Frameless and Semi-Frameless glass fencing. Both of these designs offer a timeless look to any pool surrounds.  They are strong and weather durable making sure you don’t have to worry about anything or anyone getting into your pool that shouldn’t be.

Add Decorations

Make your fence stand out and add decorations and personal touches. If you love the ocean and would like to have a beach feel to your pool area, try adding starfish, shells, and perhaps some netting! Give your pool area a coastal feel! Any theme can add beauty and appeal to your pool area. Be careful that you do not decorate with anything that may be used to climb up and over your fence. This may void your pool certification and even worse provide an unwanted opportunity for accidents.


Adding lights to your fence doesn’t mean that you have to spend a lot of money. One idea may be to find fairy lights of all one colour! Warm white and yellow colours can add a great ambiance to your pool area! They may cost a little extra but buying waterproof L.E.D lights really will add an extra wow factor to your pool fence.

Make It Functional

You can add other touches to your fence that can be of a functional nature. You can add hooks on the inside of the fence for a skimmer net or even add a small shower head for your family and guests to rinse off before and after swimming! It’s a great way to have an affordable pool shower without the fuss of having everyone run in and out of the house to rinse off.

No matter what kind of fencing you choose for your pool area, you can always add personal touches to make it your own perfect space by adding your favourite things to your fence. Add a little love to your fibreglass pool area today!