Pool Safety Regulations in Queensland

November 10, 2023

As a pool owner in Queensland, you need to ensure that you follow all the laws and regulations regarding your fibreglass pool. These ensure that you are have your pool in accordance with local laws, and you help to ensure everyone is safe when they are using them.

The first is to have the pool fenced at all times and registered with the pool safety register. They will issue you a certificate that reflects your pool has been successfully inspected and meets all requirements. There is a $2,000 fine if you choose to ignore this, when you consider that applying for a license and installing a barrier is typically less than the fine, it makes more sense to follow the regulations.

In order to pass this review, your pool must be fenced. All barriers surrounding the fibreglass pool must be well maintained. If any damage is noticed, you’ll be required to repair it at once. There must be CPR instructions located near the pool and the water must be maintained at all times. A temporary barrier is allowed for up to three months. Just note that both the temporary and permanent barriers must be 1800 millimeters in height and not climbable at any portion of it.

For the safety of your pool at home, also be proactive with how people use it. Make sure no one is running around the edges of the pool, or diving in headfirst. As this will help to reduce potential injuries. Also ensure children are using life preservers in the water at all times.

The goal is to prevent young children from drowning at any time, and to ensure that all safety measures are in place for your family. These requirements are far from excessive. In fact, compared to the requirements that are in place for other countries, these are perhaps some of the more reasonable laws that are in place for fibreglass pools.