Preparing your Fibreglass Pool for Winter in Australia

November 11, 2023

When the winter months roll in, you’ll need to prepare your fibreglass pools for this time of year. While temperatures don’t hit freezing, they will require you to take a proactive approach to preparing things. The following will help you to prepare your pool for the winter.

  • Ensure the pH level of the pool is between 7.2 – 7.6. You’ll want to routinely check it to ensure that this pH level remains constant.
  • Do a thorough cleaning. While you might not use the pool as often, algae can still grow in this pool. Make sure you clean the walls and clean out the filter. You’ll also want to add some algaecide to the water. In the cooler months, you’ll find that there is still a risk of debris clogging it.
  • shock treatment should be used over the course of the winter. This protects the filter and the pump, and only requires a couple hours of operation every few days.
  • As you use the pool less, it’ll be a struggle to keep the water clear. The ideal level of 2 – 3 PPM is what you should shoot for in the winter months. Salt chlorinators when used in conjunction with a cover do require you reduce the output to about 1 – 2 PPM. The reason is the cover will prevent full evaporation.
  • Cover your pool when it is not in use in the winter. This will reduce evaporation and help to keep debris out of the water. You can find an affordable cover designed for fibreglass pools.

Above all, make certain that you keep up with your regular maintenance schedule. If you do this, there is less of a risk that you’ll encounter problems with your pool.