Setting Pool Rules ensures good times for all

November 10, 2023

You might think that having and enforcing swimming pool rules puts a damper on the fun, however consider what happens if one or more people in the pool gets out of hand. It spoils the fun for everyone else. Rules don’t have to be overly strict and should mostly about using common courtesy.

At times, a few guests in your pool may get to rambunctious and not pay attention to others in the pool. They back into or run over others while playing a rough game with one or more others in the pool. This might be fine if the only people in the pool are those playing the game but to do so when others who don’t want to play are in the water is not a considerate thing to do.

For cases such as this, you can have a rule that these kinds of games are only to be played when designated pool time is set for them. During the game time, those not playing must stay out of the pool. A rule like this is reasonable and your guests should be able to see that it makes their time in your pool more pleasant.

If your pool has a slide or diving board, a common sense rule for everyone is to be aware of others, whether it is of those in the water or those using the slide. People in the water at the base of the slide should keep the area at the bottom of the slide clear and sliders need to make sure the area is clear before sliding. Again, this is just simple common sense and common courtesy.

The rules discussed here are just two rules you could consider. When setting rules for your swimming pool, it really just comes down to common sense in setting them, then be sure to enforce them.

Though a few people may object to one or two of your rules, most will see they are meant to ensure that everyone has a good time.