The Eco-Friendly Swimming Pool

November 10, 2023

If you’re tired of wallowing in chemicals, each time you spend time in your pool, perhaps it’s time to make a change.

An environment-friendly pool not saturated with chemicals is now possible to acquire. It is called a natural swimming pool or NSP. But how could a pool remain safe and swimmable without chemicals?

What a Natural Swimming Pool Is

This type of pool is void of chemicals. Instead, it makes use of Mother Nature’s principles in filtering out the detrimental microbes in the water. Any NSP’s system works because of its two parts. Its regeneration zone is composed of plants that feed on the pool’s water. The swimming zone is, of course, used for swimming.
In this pool’s water, both anaerobic and aerobic bacteria take care of the pathogens in the two zones. They are the filter. Once contaminated water passes through them, it becomes clean and safe before it returns to the swimming zone.

How the Water Becomes Safe without Chemicals

It is completely understandable that the pool owner like you might be skeptical about the safety of a natural swimming pool. This pool remains clean because of the organic processes that happen constantly. The biological filter (anaerobic and aerobic bacteria) and the regeneration zone facilitate these processes. Regular movements of these organisms sanitize the pool water. Mosquitoes don’t even need to worry pool owners because these insects prefer to breed only in stagnant water.

What about Algae?

Algae is still present in a natural swimming pool because the pool needs it to balance its ecology. These organisms do not have the chance to proliferate at all because the good plants will always outnumber them and take most of the nutrients. If ever any type of algae does make its way to the pool water, the pool skimmer or pool vacuum can remove them immediately.