DIY Inground Pool Installation Steps

DIY Inground Pool Installation Steps

Standard DIY

Standard DIY is great for home handymen and tradesmen who want to do all the work without any assistance from us.

Anyone with handy skills can install an inground pool, and we provide some basic needs plus a list of tools and materials.

*Savings are based on a 7m Entertainer fully installed pool, (see fully installed pricing and associated conditions), deducting the costs of labour, (now being taken up by the DIY concept), and all other necessary costs similar to those achievable in South East Queensland. Costs for some areas in Australia may vary. Note: Savings will vary depending on pool size. Smaller pools will derive a smaller saving, while larger pools will have a larger saving.

Save $5000 – $8000*

What do I have to do

What will I have to do?

  • Prepare and submit council plans (including a Form 15 for QLD and Form 1507 for VIC) as an owner builder or registered builder.
  • Organise (and pay for) the excavation and soil removal.
  • Do the excavation mark-out.
  • Supervise the excavation, spotting levels.
  • Order (and pay for) and receive the backfill. Crusher dust or sand.
  • Set accurately, by screeding, the floor of the excavation, ready to receive the inground pool shell.
  • Pre-plumb the pool shell ready for installation.
  • Install the pool per the information given in AS1839 (the Australian standard for installation of fibreglass pools). Note: You will need a co-worker to help. This involves filling the pool, usually by hose (this takes longer) or you may opt to bring in trucked water.
  • Organise and receive safety fencing in compliance with your council approval. Either temporary or permanent.
  • Plumb the filtration.
  • Fill a hard plastic bottle with water from 1 foot below the waterline and take it to a retail pool shop for analysis. Advise them of LxWxD of pool, surface is fibreglass, detail your other equipment i.e. pump type, filter type, chlorinator type and they will sell you the necessary chemicals to start up your pool.
  • Add chemicals and start the pool up and once water quality is clear, have your first swim!
  • Approximately two weeks later, form up your concrete collar or beam around the perimeter of the pool.
  • Then lay the pavers you have ordered and seal them if required.
  • Finalise over a period of time your final landscaping and ensure your permanent fence is in place.
  • Enjoy!