Fiberglass pools in Australia – How long do they last?

November 11, 2023

How Long Will Your Fiberglass Pool Last?

Fiberglass pools are hugely popular for their affordability, easy maintenance, and durability. You will find plenty of reviews and even advertisements telling you that fiberglass pools will last for decades, but little solid information on exactly how long a fiberglass pool will last.

The question of how long do fiberglass pools last, is difficult to answer, but not without good reason.

Fiberglass is one of the most durable materials for pool installation. Unlike concrete, it is highly resistant to cracking. Compared to above ground pools, it is impossible to rip and tear. Fiberglass pools will last for decades, and even throughout the lifetime of your home, providing that proper maintenance and care is given to yours.

Which Common Problems Exist for Fiberglass Pools?

The main problems that fiberglass pool owners will face, are superficial. Spider cracks are common in older installations. These hairline cracks resemble spider webs on the pool wall surface, and are superficial in nature. They affect the finishing gel coat, but not the structural fiberglass of the pool.

Another problem with older pools, is bulging around the walls. This is caused when the fill around the pool excavation has not been properly installed, or the wrong material has been used.

The easiest way to avoid these two common problems, is to only use a reputable pool installer. Choose an installer that is able to provide you with references and testimonials. Ensuring that the pool is completely level, and that appropriate materials are used for installation, will contribute to the long lifetime of a fiberglass pool. Installations that have been in place for as long as 30 years, have been inspected and found to have nothing more than superficial cracks in the finish, or in some cases, colour fading.

If you’ve been wondering just how long your fiberglass pool in Australia would last, hopefully this information helps to give you a good idea. Although no one could say exactly how many years you will be able to enjoy your pool, with the right installation and care, there’s no reason why your pool wouldn’t last throughout the lifetime of your home.