Fibre Glass Pools VS Concrete Pools

November 11, 2023

Swimming pool prices continue to drop, making it more affordable for families to add a pool to their home. A pool offers a perfect way to have fun, get some exercise, and cool off from the heat. Of course, a pool is still an investment, so it’s important to consider your options when choosing your pool. If you’re trying to decide between fibreglass pools and concrete pools, here’s a comparison of the two to help you make a decision.

Pool Installation

When it comes to installation, fibreglass pools  definitely win. Since concrete pools have to be built from the ground up, they can take months to install. Fibreglass options are premade, which means you’ll be enjoying your pool much faster if you choose fibreglass.

Pool Maintenance

Fibreglass pools also have an edge when it comes to pool maintenance. Since fibreglass is smooth and non-porous, you won’t have the algae problem that comes with many other types of pools. Since concrete is porous, it’s more difficult to scrub away algae and the concrete often retains dirt, resulting in more pool maintenance.

Pool Cost

If you’re looking for cheap pools, fibreglass is probably your best option. Of course, the price will vary depending on the quality, size, and shape of your pool. However, in general, concrete pools cost more to install and they cost more over time because they require more maintenance and regular resurfacing.

Pool Strength and Durability

While concrete is a durable material, it often chips and cracks over time due to normal wear and tear and shifts in the ground. Since fiberglass pools are strong and flexible, they’ll last longer without the need for resurfacing.

Pool Chemical Usage

To keep algae from growing on concrete, you’ll need to use a higher volume of chemicals in the pore. The porous concrete offers a great place for algae to begin growing. Unfortunately, the chemicals can be harsh on eyes and skin, not to mention, you’ll spend more if you need to use more chemicals. With the smooth finish of fibreglass pools, fewer chemicals are needed to keep the pool clean, which keeps your skin, eyes, and wallet free from irritation.