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Did you know that at least 13% of Australia’s population owns a pool?

That’s millions of pools nationwide, all coming in different layouts, dimensions and sizes. A huge proportion of these are fibreglass pools, a material well-loved for its durability and versatility.

Versatility, although a great strength of fibreglass pools, can leave many homeowners with the daunting task of finding one that’s the right dimension, layout and size. In fact, one of the most common questions we get from our customers looking to install a fibreglass pool is—what is the right pool size?

Often, this isn’t the easiest question to answer, as many factors are at play when making this decision. To help, we’ve curated this guide for any prospective pool owner struggling to decide on suitable pool sizes.

In this guide, we will discuss the main aspects you should consider before installing a fibreglass pool.

But first, what is a fibreglass pool?


In-ground Fibreglass Pools 

In-ground fibreglass pools stand out because of their one-piece structure that’s made out of fibreglass material. 

Fibreglass is a material that consists of thin glass fibres that can be transformed into large layers of material. Fibreglass has proven to be very strong, low on weight, and much cheaper than other materials.

This type of pool has become incredibly popular over the years because they are easy to install, cost-efficient and they look great. Even though fibreglass pools come with structural restrictions due to their base material, many homeowners love that they can be fully customized with many kinds of features—such as tiles, lights, surrounding patios, and much more.

Aside from their functionality, in-ground fibreglass pools can be a stunning aesthetic addition to your backyard. They come with stylish modern designs, and they can revolutionise your overall outside decor. 

Now that we understand the basics of in-ground fibreglass pools let’s get to the important stuff. How to choose the right dimension, layout and size for your property. 


What are Standard Pool Sizes?

The best part about pools is that they can be any size you want them to be. This depends, of course, on your budget and the location. However, there are standard advisable sizes that you should consider, no matter the above-mentioned criteria.


Average Pool Sizes in Australia 

Most swimming pools in Australia have a rectangle, or shell shape and design. The most common and standard pool sizes include:

  • 6×3 in an area of 18 m²
  • 7×3 in an area of 21 m²
  • 8×4 in an area of 32 m²
  • 9×4 in an area of 36 m²
  • 10×4 in an area of 40 m²

It’s important to remember to take into consideration multiple aspects when looking into pool sizes. Your budget, location, and overall requirements should be definitive when it comes to choosing the size, and even the shape of the pool.


What is a Good Size for a Swimming Pool?

Taking into consideration the aforementioned criteria and knowing the average pool sizes in Australia—we can determine the optimal size of a swimming pool.

First of all, if you have a family of four or more, you should consider a family-sized pool. One thing to keep in mind is your pool’s depth, particularly if you have young children or weaker swimmers in your family. Commonly, family-sized pools that are only going to be used recreationally rarely exceed 1.8 metres in depth, as anything deeper than this isn’t usually necessary. After all, family-sized pools are designed to accommodate as many people as possible, so should cater to all swimming levels and age groups.  

If you have a family consisting of more than six people, a pool of 5.4×10.9 metres in size is most compatible. This way, you’ll avoid any overcrowding, and the size is perfect for all kinds of water activities. Furthermore, installing a rectangle-shaped pool with these dimensions is the most effective option, from a space-saving point of view.

If you have a family consisting of less than six people, a 4.8×10.9 metre pool might be a better option. Considering a shell or oval-shaped pool is best for these dimensions.


Lap Pool Sizes

Moreover, a lot of people consider installing a lap pool. These models are mostly recommended for people who enjoy swimming laps. The recommended dimensions for this model vary from 12 to 24 metres long. Making sure that the pool is at least 1.5 metres deep is of utmost importance so that you don’t get hurt while doing your laps.


Plunge Pool Sizes

Lastly, plunge pools are becoming widely popular because of their aesthetic, cost, and minimal maintenance requirements. Their sizes and shapes can vary, and you’d have a lot of flexibility when it comes to these models. Usually, the sizes of plunge pools are around 2.4×2.4 to 2.4×4.8 metres with a depth of 5-7 feet. Plunge pools almost always have a flat bottom and are designed to give swimmers a fantastic option to cool down on a hot summers day, even in smaller backyards.  


Best Fibreglass Pool Shapes

When it comes to deciding on the shape of your fibreglass pool, it’s important for you to review your needs and motivation for getting a pool in the first place. You should always ask yourself how will you best fit a pool within your environment? What is the best use of my space? If you’re looking to swim laps, then working a long, thin fibreglass pool down the side of your property could be a great option, for example.

With plunge pools, you’ll have the most options when it comes to shapes. This is due to their size being significantly smaller than other models. Getting a rectangular plunge pool might be the best choice because this way, you’ll get the most out of its space. However, if you’re striving for a more avant-garde look, you can choose between round or oval shapes, L-shapes, circles, and much more. 

At the end of the day, if your budget allows it, you have the option to install a custom-made plunge pool and let your creativity run wild. 

When it comes to family-sized pools, there are many shapes you can choose from, some of which include oval, circle-shaped, and rectangular. Additionally, many available features can give a completely new look to any pool. Because a family-sized pool should be installed with everyone’s needs in mind, it’s important to take your time and get this decision right. 

With so many dimensions, sizes and layouts of fibreglass pools available at My Fibreglass Pool Easy, our pool technicians can help you choose your dream pool that’ll cater to your entire family’s needs.   


The Bottom Line

Much like all of us, pool dimensions, layouts and sizes are unique. One of fibreglass pools’ best qualities is their customisability. Of course, there are standard layouts and designs used around Australia and the world because of their innate ability to maximise space in many environments, but that doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t be tweaked for your exact needs! 

When you work with one of our expert team members, we can do exactly that. Once we know your motivations for getting a pool and have looked at the area that you want to install your pool in, we’ll be able to find the right shape and size for you!