A Jazzy Surround – Types of Decking

November 10, 2023

If you want a place to hang out with your friends and family or you’re just looking for a place to have parties, an in-ground pool provides the perfect environment for such activities. You might want to consider a fiberglass pool because they are much easier for the pool installers to prep and install. They are so much easier to maintain than your classic concrete pool or even the vinyl-lined ones.

One thing that people tend to forget about when installing a pool is the decking. Ask the pool installers what type of decking would be more appropriate for the pool that your having installed. The area around the pool and is aptly called the pool surround.

One of the first things that people typically gravitate to when thinking about this surround is concrete. It is available in multiple colors and is usually relatively easy to pour. It does make a clean-looking surround that is nice and smooth. There are people out there that are looking for other options though, one of which is tiles. While most people don’t think of tiles as something that you put outside, they can make a wonderful pool surround. If you decide to use tiles, the main problem would be that there are so many shapes, sizes, and colors to choose from. They also can be laid in different patterns. So tiles are not something to be dismissed. However, depending on the slip resistance of the tile, they can be quite hazardous and could create a danger when simply walking to the pool.

If you’re looking for a more natural look, pavers may be the way to go. While typically used for patios or walkways, pavers come in different sizes and shapes and can be an interesting addition to any pool surround. If you do use pavers, make sure you choose the right kind as some can make the pool surround look industrial. The pavers may also require a border be in place to keep them from shifting.

One thing that most people forget about when thinking about pool surround would be the use of brick. These have been around for more than 5,000 years and is a proven material. Bricks are considered to be easy to maintain and durable, however, moss does tend to grow on them, so they will require regular maintenance.

If you are after a more traditional look, you might consider wood. It can be a very attractive addition to any pool surround and depending upon your budget there are many different varieties available. Most people that choose wood is looking for a natural look. There are some cons to having a wood deck, however, because of the seasonal maintenance that would be required. This will typically include sanding, cleaning, and sealing. Anytime wood is in a close proximity to water, it is especially important to keep up with the maintenance.

You might even choose stone if you’re looking for a natural look. If it has a nice texture, it will enhance your landscape and also be slip resistant. This is definitely one that you should talk to your pool installers about. Stone can make a beautiful addition to any pool surround and it comes in many different types of quartzite, sandstone, limestone, granite, and porphyry.

Unfortunately, if you do choose a darker stone, it can become hotter than the light ones. An additional problem for some people on a budget is that the cost of the stone pool surround can be a prohibiting factor.

Whatever you choose, make sure that it fits your landscape. It should be a beautiful and safe addition to your pool surround, no matter what you’re trying to achieve by putting in your pool. Make sure that you and your family are safe. So as always, talk to your pool installers about their recommendations. Make sure that you’re going to be happy with your choice. Have your pool installed, dive in, and have some fun.