Advantages of L-shaped pool

November 9, 2023

A rectangular shaped pool has its own proven perks and benefits. Allowing various water depths, easy blending with common architectural styles and a sense of simple timeless beauty.

Even though the simple design has its own charm, there are a few advantages to having a curve design or an L-shaped pool.

Feel grand with pool steps

When it comes to adding grandeur to your pool, steps are way better than ladders. Only problem is that they do tend to take up a lot of space. Here’s when an L-shaped pool comes to the rescue, it gives plenty of space and decorum on one of its legs for steps.

You can have your shallow lounging area by making your top step over-sized and all over on one leg of your pool.Deviation from the crowd

While rectangular pools are common among the folks. L-shaped pools provide a kind of variation that doesn’t strays too far off but is still a deviation from the crowd. In an area full of residential pools, this might be an appealing difference which will be advantageous in the long run.

Money is obviously an issue when it comes to L-shaped pool design because they take up more space thus are typically heavier priced than an average pool.

But considering how its pros obviously surpass its cons, consider installing an L-shaped fibreglass pool.