Accessories For Your Fibreglass Pool

November 10, 2023

Now that you have your fibreglass pools installed properly, it is time to accessorize!

Many pool accessories are available for fibreglass pools. All you need to do is decide which ones you want. Many new pool owners tend to go crazy, so they overspend in the end. Go through these accessories and decide which pool accessories you would like your new fibreglass pool to have.

  • Lighting. Most fibreglass pools now are lit up by low voltage lights. These lights illuminate your pool and very durable. LED bulbs can change colours in just one flip of the switch. The lights are encased in a cord that is extended above the water, so that you can change the bulbs without lowering the water levels.
  • Pool finish. There was once a time where a pool finish was an option to make your pool more colourful and attractive. Having a coloured pool finish makes your fibreglass pool more resistant to stains and more durable. MFP Easy offers a wide range of pool colours catering for this option right from the get-go.
  • Pool covers. Covering your pool can either be for security or for pool water cleanliness. A tarp is good, but a security cover is better. It is more durable and long lasting. An pool cover protects your pool water against uninvited swimmers, it also keeps your pool warm.
  • Salt water chlorinator. This machine coverts salt into pure chlorine. It yields better water quality without the effects (strong odour, burning eyes) of artificial chlorine that some pool owners use. Salt doesn’t react with the fibreglass material of your fibreglass pool. Just add salt into the water, two times in one season. Chlorine levels should also be checked regularly.

For more information about more pool accessories, feel free to visit us at get in touch. Our experts are happy to offer advice to help you make your fibreglass pool the new talk of the town in no time.