Benefits of owning a fibreglass pool

November 10, 2023

Fibreglass pools have been available for well over thirty years and this report reviews the benefits of owning a fibreglass pool as compared to concrete pools or plastic lined concrete inground pools.

Fibreglass pools are the best value.
Saying ‘best value’ is better than saying ‘cheaper’, and a fibreglass pool will always be ‘less expensive’.  Fibreglass pools are much lower cost pools because they are factory produced. This saves hundreds of hours in construction on site, you don’t need any inground pool formwork, and with the self sufficiency in fibreglass pool structural integrity, there is less site preparation. All these elements equate to savings in every area and that’s why a fibreglass pool is the best value, least expensive, cheapest pool, with the highest qualities your could possibly have!

Fibreglass pools are easier to install.
Fibreglass pools arrive directly from a fibreglass pool factory ready to be installed. This means that all you need is a hole in the ground! Well the hole needs to be the right size and there is minor site preparation including gradient and compacting. The level of ground preparation is so minimal that it’s possible for any handyman! “My Fibreglass Pool … Easy!” TM provides a full preparation schedule for either a licensed pool installer or a handyman. Fibreglass pools are easy to install which means they are also quicker to install, so you and your family will be swimming in your fibreglass lap pool, plunge pool, or full size pool days and weeks before concrete pool construction.

Fibreglass pools are more durable.
Fibreglass pools are designed to be flexible, but you won’t notice this at all. Fibreglass pool flexing is necessary for resilience to temperature changes, soil density, ground water and dynamic loads. By contrast, a concrete pool is rigid and any movement in the soil or dynamic loads can form costly cracks. Our fibreglass pools are structurally guaranteed for 25 years by the manufacturer, a quality guarantee to safeguard against any cracks or failures.

Another reason why fibreglass pools are more durable is that the fibreglass pool surface, (the pool floor, walls, and edges), is waterproof and smooth. The non-porous surface resists chemicals and is protected against UV rays. Concrete pools are prone to chemical reactions from calcium and salt. Often a concrete pool requires resurfacing when fibreglass pools are free from maintenance.

Fibreglass pools are more fun!
We’ve already mentioned a few reasons why fibreglass pools are better, and it is more fun to install and own a fibreglass pool because you get from idea stage to in the water stage quickest, you save on building costs, you save on maintenance time and costs, and a fibreglass pool has the look and feel of what everyone expects from a swimming pool. Smooth, perfectly contoured and rounded surfaces, pool colour perfection, pool texture if you prefer, and you can select the exact water colour you want.