Things You Should Know Before Breaking Ground For Fibreglass Pool Installation

November 10, 2023

Fibreglass pools becoming more and more popular among homeowners. Perhaps due to high demand that many homeowners are rushing and not doing their homework anymore that many fibreglass pools are not installed correctly or with much more expense. Below are some of the things homeowners should know before they break ground for their new fibreglass pools

  • A plastic deal like the ones used for HVAC units is the one placed under your filter system. You don’t need to have concrete poured as a base for your filter system.
  • Remember that the more distance your filter system is from your sub-panel or your home, the costlier the initial hook up will be.
  • The filter system for your pool does not need an enclosure anymore. It was designed to be left outside.
  • Be aware of the updated bonding requirements in your region when it comes to fibreglass pools. Some contractors may not be following the said requirements. Bonding is important to make sure that the swimmers do not get electrocuted or shocked by certain items around the pool such as the metal pool light, the handrails, the deck, the slides, and the ladders.
  • You don’t have to place the filter system next to your pool. You can have it installed within around 20 meters from the pool area if desired. If you need to have it farther than that, you can.If you want a concrete pool deck, just remember that concrete material cracks. The contractor should install necessary control joints to try and force the crack to appear within the line of the joint. Cracks are indications of poor workmanship, cheap concrete, or an unstable foundation. To save yourself the aggravation, do not opt for concrete. Natural stone and pavers are better.

There are many things to consider when building a fibreglass pool, looking for an easy solutio? Talk to the professional at MFP Easy to ensure a safe and professional fibreglass pool installation.