You Can Have the Pool You’ve Always Wanted

November 11, 2023

Want an in ground swimming pool but think it is too expensive and takes too long to have put in? Think again. It may not be as out of reach as you thought. Traditional built in pools do take a long time to put in and do cost quite a bit but this is not the case with fibreglass pools. They cost much less and take less time to install.

About the only thing about installing a traditional cement pool has in common fibreglass pool is excavating the hole to put the swimming pool in. After the hole is ready, a cement pool may still take a couple of weeks or more to finish. A fibreglass pool may only take a few days. Let’s look at a hypothetic scenario.

You and your next door neighbour are having swimming pools put in. Both of you start the excavation on the same day and are ready for the pool installation on the same day. Your neighbour is having a traditional cement pool built and you are getting a fiberglass pool. The neighbour’s pool builder starts building the forms for the pool on the same day your fibreglass pool is delivered.

The installer from the pool retailer places your pool in position and starts getting all the water pipes, drains and filters connected. Before long, your pool is ready to be filled. Meanwhile, your neighbour’s pool is only about halfway done. When your pool is ready for use, you invite your neighbour over for a swim. His pool is still a week or more from being finished and now wishes he had also chosen a fibreglass swimming pool.

That dream of having your own swimming pool in your back yard may not be as far fetched as you think. Check into fibreglass pools and see what just might fit your budget.