Choosing the right water feature for your pool

November 10, 2023

Adding a water feature to your pool can make the all around design of your pool really stand out. Adding more to the appearance and movement by adding such things as colour, lights, and water features will never cease to impress you every time you look over your new fibreglass pool. Water features breathe life into your pool easily and if chosen and installed well, make your entire pool area your latest work of art.

The right water feature can be created based on flow rate, lighting, size, and acoustics. Our pool builders are able generally able to customise water features to match your dream design. Therefore make sure to talk to us about your goals and budget so your design dream can be fulfilled.

Here are the known pool water features and what they offer:

  • Laminar jet. This is a more expensive jet. It produces a forceful, steady arc of water that is free of bubbles. The water stream then looks like a glass tube. You can conceal these in the ground and really make a show of them by having them light up with LEDs.
  • Sun jet/foam jet/fountain blubber. This water feature shoots straight up out of your pool and then falls back from where it came. It resembles a small geyser. This is usually positioned on a Baja shelf (an extra first step or a sun ledge).
  • Fountain spitter/deck jet. This is an economical option. It merely shoots a long and narrow stream of water from your deck to your pool. You can have them hidden in flowerbeds and light then up with LEDs at night.
  • Scupper. This water feature sends water right across a small ledge before the water falls into the pool.
  • Sheet fall. The water of this feature has a sheet of water that flows from a flat, thin spillway
  • Rainfall curtain. This feature is made up of thin streams of water that rain down from a raised beam to create a water curtain. The acoustics of this particular option are very popular.

For more ideas on which water feature can fit your pool, call our professional team on 1300 30 60 11. The right water feature can make your pool area and therefore your entire yard, your property’s centrepiece.