Common Sense Pool Safety Tips

November 10, 2023

In every pool, whether it is a home swimming pool or a public pool there should always be someone who knows enough about life saving to be able to perform cpr and to attend to rescues even if there is not an actual lifeguard on duty.

When you have a home swimming pool, one of the most important things that you can do so far as pool safety is to be sure that someone knows that you are going to be swimming

Make it a point to swim with someone when you can so that there is someone around in case an accident may happen. The most common pool accidents do not even take place IN the pool but rather, around it. Falls and  trips from slippery surfaces or from things left around the pool are very common. Make sure that you clean up any kind of diving toys or swimming pool toys that may be in use during fun time so that someone who isn’t paying enough attention won’t fall on them.

If you’re not able to swim with someone and there is no one else at home, call a friend of neighbor and tell them that you’ll be in the pool for a given amount of time and will then phone them to let them know that you’re out of the water.

In this way if there is any kind of an accident or mischance takes place, someone will know that you’re still in the water.

The most fun and exercise that you’ll get in the summer is your swimming pool. By adhering to a few simple common sense tips that pool will  be a safe way to exercise and to have fun.