Debunked Myths About Fibreglass Pools

November 10, 2023

Are you thinking about getting a fiberglass pool? Or are you thinking twice because of several myths and rumours you have been hearing about it? To clear the air about fiberglass pools, here are some of the known myths about the fibreglass pools and why you should disregard them:

  • Fiberglass pools pop out. Generally, any type of pool can pop out gradually from the ground. This happens when the pool is not maintained or installed properly. This popping up phenomenon is caused by the seasonal increase in the water level around the pool or the build-up of its drainage water. Caring for your fiberglass pool the right way, easily prevent this and ease your mind.
  • You cannot customize your fiberglass pool. Because of the latest technologies in the pool industry, you can very well choose the design and shape you want from at least a hundred choices. You can opt for tanning ledges, tiles, colours, bubblers, lighting, and cascades that fit your preferences.
  • Fiberglass pools are challenging to maintain. A fiberglass pool owner spends less money and time when it comes to pool maintenance. A fiberglass pool is more eco-friendly and durable than the other types of pools. Algae does not grow on fiberglass surfaces because they are non-porous. This results in less scrubbing. It also decreases the usage of toxic chemicals, making your pool environment safer. You also spend less since you use few materials in cleaning your fiberglass pool.
  • It is more expensive to have fiberglass pools. Initially, a fiberglass pool is indeed costly. Yet overtime, a fiberglass pool becomes more economical. Maintaining a fiberglass pool is not as expensive as maintaining a vinyl or a concrete one. Plus, a fiberglass pool is more durable and easier to keep. With a fiberglass pool, you do not need to reseal, drain, or acid wash anymore. This allows you to save more money for more important things.

Fiberglass pools are far better than any other type of pool. If you want more information, talk to our expert team!