Decking Or Paving? Which is For You and Your Swimming Pool?

November 10, 2023

Do you have visions of enjoying your morning coffee outdoors or watching spectacular sunsets by the pool? Timber decking or a paved area is the perfect way to transform that unused space around your pool into a peaceful, relaxing haven. Both decking and paving have their advantages and either will completely transform your pool area, but which is right for you?


Timber decking can be a wonderful way to create a stylish, level area that is perfect for outdoor entertaining of any kind. It can also allow you to get more use from your outdoor space because a areas such as steep embankments and other difficult sites can transformed into useable space. Decks look amazing, but there are a few things to consider before you decide.
If you plan to build a deck around your pool, it is wise to decide ahead of time since decking is above the ground as opposed to paving, which will be sitting on the ground. Discussing your options with the pool company before installation can save a great deal of labor in the end.
Durability is also a factor. There are many types of timber to choose from and many factors affect its durability. In the end, the choice will most likely come down to what you want your deck to look like and how much effort you are willing to put into maintenance. Timber decking must be weather treated each year to insure that it doesn’t become faded and split due to harsh weather.


Paving is another great way to enhance your outdoor space and maximize the enjoyment you get from your pool. There are a vast number of both natural stone and man-made pavers that will present almost any look you want. From classic brick, to colored cement, to elegant sandstone, there are as many color variations as there are applications.
While pavers may be somewhat more durable than timbers, they still require some amount of maintenance. They should be protected with a durable sealant in order to prevent hard water scale, corrosion, and premature aging of your paved area.
Whichever you choose, finishing the area around your pool will not only help you to enjoy your outdoor haven more, but it can transform a simple pool into a backyard oasis.